Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update: Current/Elliot for Kate Spade!

So if you remember I posted about Emily Current and Merrit Elliot designing the "Westward" Collection for Kate Spade here.  This is mostly groundbreaking because Kate Spade has NEVER done a collaboration before.... also groundbreaking because the 2 companies are SO different from each other.  Here's an update to the FABULOUS bags they came up with.

Aren't they amazing?! I can't handle the sequin duffle bag... I have to own that!! {although it runs a steep $1,295 ... so I won't...}.  It's made with Italian tan vegetable leather and burnished metallic sequins. Gorgeous!! The lining is black and white stripe which makes it oh so Kate Spade. Aren't they all pretty great though? I am still mystified that these 2 completely different brands came together and did a great collection that personifies them both! Now lets see if it sells or if I can own one of these at 75% off....

You can get all these bags at Kate Spade.  they run from $545 for the clutch to $1,295 for the duffle like I said... not cheap but if you can afford it they look like they might be worth it!


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