Friday, March 30, 2012


Even though it's supposed to rain... again.... today I am thinking about a new pair of sunnies for the season.  I'm loving the cat eye look ala Kourtney Kardashian below.

Here are some I have been looking at to copy this chic look.

I love the light color of these.  They would be easy to wear if you thought the cat eye didn't look good on you (which would be a lie because I think it looks good on most people).

Seriously... they are $6.99!! I like how dramatic the cat eye is too.. perfect for a cheap pair.

Want something a little more fun? Go for the pale pink ones here! I love these! I don't usually do any sort of colorful sunglasses, tortoise is pretty much as crazy as it gets.  I think I could do these though! The pale pink color is a perfect girly, trendy way to do it.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I will try to blog this weekend but I will be a busy lady!! Dinner tonight with friends, wedding tomorrow, and then the cutest little lady I know turns 3 on Sunday with a tea party birthday!! She picked it... cute huh? I will take pictures there... I have already been instructed to wear something frilly, who could resist?!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dress Me Up Pretty

Hello everyone! The weather today makes me sssooo happy... anyone else?  I am dreaming in floral and pretty flirty dresses right now.  I want to be in these gorgeous spaces wearing one of these outfits.


Wouldn't that just make you feel amazing? Ok now I am going to go to bed and dream I am in a pleated silk dress laying in a bed of flowers... and tomorrow I will wake up and try to be less predictable {blog posts and all!! :)}


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happiness in Shoes

I find happiness in shoes.  Pretty things that make me smile.  Today was the last day of market which is a relief. However, I got to see these pretty ladies today!! The last buyer I worked with came in wearing them and I immediately drilled her on how I could also own them.  I love when something amazing doesn't cost more then 1 months salary so I was thrilled to learn these are actually within my grasp.  They are Steve Madden and only $99.95!  

Believe me when I tell you the pictures do these things NO JUSTICE AT ALL.  I can't wait to go try them on this week and wear them all summer long.  


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Live Happy

Market is almost over... whew!! It's always exhausting working 12 hour days and having to work through the weekend.  I am not in the right mind set to do a real post... not to mention the fact I just ate WAY to much Dickey's BBQ... heart burn go away and take all of those fried okra calories with you.

I just wanted to leave you with this quote from Pinterest.   It's perfect for what I've been thinking lately....

I wish more people would live by this... everyone would be happier.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreaming of... New Work Tote.

I have been dreaming of a new work tote... yes these are the things that occupy my dreams.  It's market time so I am immersed with seeing buyers come in with work totes all day long.  I recently saw this bag on Pinterest but the one pictured is a Celine bag out of my price point.  

An adorable buyer came in and had a complete twin of this bag so I immediately ran over to question it's origin.  I was so happy to hear it was Neiman Marcus's own brand.  I just looked it up online and I am even happier to report it is actually at Neiman Marcus Last Call and only $75!! I assumed at least $150... nope.

Look at all of the colors you can choose from too...

Even the last little cutie that is longer.  I honestly can't decide what color.  My initial reaction is pink or navy but I think I may go yellow or orange.  Thoughts???


 P.S. Pop over to Mockingbird Station's blog today and check out my Station Insider post on pool/vacation pieces, all that can be found at Mockingbird Station stores!

Monday, March 19, 2012

IKat Inspired Nails

I didn't think I would catch the fever of doing anything on my nails except for dark purple, brown, and red... but I did.  I ventured out recently into a lighter purple polish with my ring finger nail being a sparkly pink, silver, and gold color and I kind of love it.  I think maybe my next step are these ikat nails...

Dare I say this may be next?? Of course it would be insane to think I would be doing this with a brush.  This picture is from a few months ago in Lucky Magazine.  They suggest using NCLA's nail wraps.   Unfortunately this color is sold out.  Hmm... I will keep you posted on how I achieve this look.

Maybe this combo of it would be easier?

This picture is from Refinery 29's instaveiw page.  The darker colors I think I could handle for day to day.  Nothing annoys me more than my nails clashing with my outfit, which is mostly why I stick with dark colors.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Wore :: Neon Pink Jeans

I know you've seen the neon/colorful denim for Spring.  If you haven't may I ask where you've been hiding? Under a rock perhaps? If you aren't under that rock I bet you've been wondering how you're supposed to wear those bright jeans.  Well it's not as hard as you think.  Wear them with the same things you wear your other denim with but make sure that the colors don't clash.  Really isn't that the key to any outfit? Proportions and making sure the colors don't clash.  Master that and you've mastered fashion.

See how I wore my new 7 For All Mankind neon pink crop skinnies below.

Now my sweet blogger friends.  I am new at this taking pictures of myself thing.  A. the photographer used his iPhone and is about 2 feet taller than me {which is why it looks like it's from a slightly weird angle... although I think he did a masterful job don't you? Thanks SB!}. B. I am SO uncomfortable in front of a camera it's ridiculous.  Especially in a picture by myself! Oh... yeah it's uncomfortable.  So anyway get passed that and let's focus on the important thing.  The outfit!  You can get the same jeans here.  I love this color, it is neon pink but depending on the light and what you pair them with they look red too, I think of it as a 2 for one.  Throw on a t-shirt {this one is from Forever 21}, a blazer {mine is from Anthropologie} and my favorite part is the turquoise necklace {this one is from Banana Republic}.  I think bringing in a bright accessory on the other side of the color spectrum is the perfect way to balance it out.  Not so brave? Wear your bright jeans with a white top {button down or t-shirt} and you're set! 

Stay tuned for the next What I Wore with neon blue jeans wore in the monotone way that is also popular for Spring!


P.S. Don't you love March Madness?  Go Cats!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspiration :: Color Combinations

I have been obsessed with combining lots of different colors in outfits and home decor lately.  The more the merrier... bring it on.

Here's a little bit of my day to day inspiration for Spring and just what generally is making me happy lately.

Dresses on top can be found here at Tibi.  The adorable girl in pink laughing is obviously the genius behind Atlantic-Pacific.  And the incredible picture of the painting was originally photographed for Barrie Benson here.

These are going to be the colors of my dreams tonight! (as if they weren't every night... seriously this is what my dreams look like. Aren't you a teeny bit jealous?)


What to Wear Invite :: Mockingbird Station

Hi again everyone!

Long post later but I wanted to invite you all to the next What to Wear event at Mockingbird Station on March 29th!

This one is centered around outdoor Spring Vacation fashions and is lead by DFW Style Daily editor Lisa Petty.  It's at the Lofts pool from 6pm to 8pm!

I can't wait! Here's the official invite.  Who will I see there????


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm BACK!!!


Did you think I feel off the side of the earth? Or maybe was taken away by an alien? Well none of the above my friends.  I was in hibernation, you remember my computer that took 10 years to do anything right?? Well, she is staring at me right now and isn't very happy... she is looking at her replacement which I couldn't be happier to have sitting on my lap right now!! She's light, she's fast, she's exactly what Pretty in Pink needed. Say hello to your new friends "Mac"! (don't worry... that's her starter name she will have a new name soon enough!)

So this is going to be a quick post because come on obviously all I want to do is play around on this little lady!!

The good news is this means I am back! I will be blogging a million trillion times more and will be working on an update for the look too.  Get excited! I hope I didn't lose every reader I had before going MIA (mom? dad? are you still out there???).

Alright, I will be back tomorrow!! This time I promise! I might blog so much with this new lady you will get sick of me... uh oh.... don't let that happen!

Ok.... good night lovely friends!