Saturday, July 30, 2011

Share the Love

I know I said I wouldn't post the rest of the weekend but this one just came to me! {to be fair it came to me yesterday and I scheduled it to post today :)}  I was perusing my favorite blogs today and came across the idea of doing a "top things I liked from other blogs" probably monthly or weekly or something post.  It's basically just pictures that inspired me or made me happy or made me think of something.  So here's the first "Share the Love" Post! I narrowed down to three blogs I read on a very regular bases but couldn't narrow down which pictures to share so there's a few of each! Enjoy!

First up is The Sartorialist which is by far one of my favorite blogs for style inspiration!  All of these pictures came from different posts.  She mostly does street style posts from Milan, Paris, New York, a little LA.  Here are a few of my favorite looks she's had recently!

I love this first one! It's a perfect pre-fall outfit. So sleek and preppy and I have been loving the top knot she's rocking lately!

I love the scarf wrapped around her wrist.  She just looks so glam.  All white is always a great statement.

 I mean come on.  Such an easy yet beautiful dress for the ridiculous summer heat!

I love this little nook.  This is exactly where I would want to lounge to blog, read a book or magazine, or just chat on the phone with someone.

Ok, if you have read my "About Me" you noticed I like to hoard magazines.  The problem is I only have a small built in book case in the corner of my living room.  I would love a bigger one like this for my favorite books and my stacks and stacks of Vogue, Bazaar, InStyle, W, etc!

These shoes are from Chloe's 2005 runway show that she recently blogged about.  I. WANT. THEM. NOW. Both pairs... they are amazing.

Last but not least is Design Darling.

As those of you who know me well know this quote could not be more perfect for my current situation!! I LOVE IT! I think I want it framed and put in my bathroom so that I never forget this.

Ok, so I have yet to do the "dream closet" post.  It is probably going to take me a month to prepare it but this is one of the things I have ALWAYS wanted in it.  Something similar to this picture but of my own wedding dress {when this happens} hanging with the light hitting it perfectly.  I then want to put it in a big beautiful frame and it will be my main art work in my closet {did I mention this closet is probably the size of a normal living room? Hey... don't judge I said DREAM closet}. I mean you only get to wear it once {which is SUCH a shame....} so why not at least get to admire it every day after the fact?

Take us away Miranda Kerr! I doubt I have to explain what I love about this....


Friday, July 29, 2011

Clutch Obsessed

I love clutches.  I think they have recently gone from just for evening to being very versatile! You can wear them during the day if you don't need your giant bag, going to lunch with the girls, brunch, a movie, bbq's, I mean the list goes on  and on!  Here are some of my favorites whether you are as ready for fall as I am {did I mention that??} or if you're still stuck in the sunny summer weather!


Elaine Turner is one of my favorite shoe and handbag designers ever!! First of all... her flats fit my weird shaped feet PERFECTLY and are SO comfortable not to mention the have adorable details {but I will save that for a different post..}.  Her bags are also amazing.  I have a clutch very similar to this one {Elaine Turner a couple years ago} and it is my go to clutch for Spring/Summer.  It's big enough to hold my keys, credit cards, phone, camera, and it's long enough to hold flip flops for a night your not sure where you'll end up or have to walk to! {it's come in handy on several occasions as I like to wear strappy 5 inch heels when it's inappropriate}. Plus the lining is pink on all her bags! Who doesn't love that?!

Next up is this Audra Reva Clutch from Tory Burch.  I think she does a really great job of doing neutral clutches.  This is a little spiced up version of one! Who doesn't love python?! You can wear this with literally anything as well, she has it available in tan, black all the boring colors too if you need to fill in that space in your closet. I just love this because it takes any outfit from normal to glammed up instantly!

Ok folks... I saved the BEST for last.  These are by Clare Vivier which is my new favorite handbag designer on the planet! {she's got a pretty great blog too!} I thank Sheridan over at The Southern Eclectic for introducing me to this ADORABLE little pouchette! {While you're there check out she's got a special place in my heart I may explain at a further date...}.This is my new MUST HAVE of every season... I plan on eventually owning the pink and the blue.  They are the PERFECT amount of color, perfect amount of stripe, it's just perfect.  It's the cutest thing I've seen in clutch form in a really long time... perfectly preppy!

Another by the very talented Clare Vivier.  A larger Foldover Clutch.  Isn't the contrast zipper detail amazing? These are probably more practical for me considering their size.  They range in like 15 colors so you can pick exactly which one works for you! I am thinking purple, pink, navy, royal.... hmmm I may need to narrow this down a tad.  The prices though for a leather clutch are RIDICULOUS! Most would be like $300 for something of this size so really I'm saving money right????? RIGHT???

Well I am off to Kansas City today to hang out with my lovely best friends for the weekend!! It is safe to say there will be no blogging while I'm gone but I promise to have a recap of the fun festivities on Monday!  I am going to work on my camera skills while there :)

xoxo and have a lovely weekend yourself!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

This weekend I decided to FINALLY go to the Dallas Farmers Market.  I first tried to go to the one in West Village... no beuno.  It was no where to be found? So I went to the one near Deep Ellum instead.  Now I am going to preface this with the fact that my dream Saturday morning is walking through a cute little Farmers Market with friends, my mom, one of my sisters or Southern Boy.  There would be a little folksy band playing in the background, cute handmade jewelry and candles, and of course piles of gorgeously grown fruits and veggies. Lots of locally grown fresh flowers to take home and put in vases for the upcoming week.  Not to mention a stand with AMAZING tamales to take home for dinner that night.

INSTEAD, this is what I found.  Now from my pictures it looks fine.  I didn't take pictures of anything besides the veggies and fruit because the rest of it was VERY unappealing.  I felt like I was missing something? How does a city like Dallas NOT have a good farmers market!? I did leave with a basket of peaches and a package of chicken sausage.  I asked around and the only tamale maker (COME ON! We are in Dallas TEXAS) was a guy that made vegetarian (again COME ON.. we are in TEXAS?! Why are they VEGETARIAN?!) and apparently they stuck straight to the corn stalk and weren't good anyway.  So alas... I went home feeling very underwhelmed.

This was the musical entertainment.  I will give him credit... I know he doesn't look like it but he sounded like a legit country singer!

Well, I am off to Kansas on Thursday.  Since I know Wichita has a MUCH cuter Farmers Market maybe I will get my fill there (seriously Dallas? Wichita's farmers market is better then yours... how does that make you feel?!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fall Obsession... JCrew!

So I hate to be obvious but these pink Cafe Capri wool pants from JCrew are going to be my fall {and winter} obsession.

Here they are in yacht blue, which I may have to own too.  I plan on wearing any of the colors with blazers {one of my favorite things in the world}, button downs and even a t-shirt and flats on a Saturday!  I think they are so easy and classic.  They come in many colors so I warn you... unless you have a certain color obsession it may take you awhile to decide.

JCrew is one of the first to come out with their fall looks and since I am SUPER ready for the weather to change here are some others of my favorites from one of my favorites!!

This is an example of how I plan on wearing the pink pants.  Nothing is as classic then a white and navy stripe top with a navy blazer.  So chic and easy.

Flats are something else I can't get enough of! Can you tell? Leopard flats are such a no brainer for fall.  They add a great flare to any outfit.  I'm not even going to talk about the bow flat... I mean seriously? It's the cutest thing I've seen all day! It also comes in light pink... I died... I decided to mix up my colors a little for fun though.  I want this little suede flat in all 10 colors it comes in! Suede is such an easy luxe fabric and has been a huge trend in footwear for years now.

I love big statement necklaces.  This one is perfect.

Ok, I am going to start focusing on Ashley sort through he suitors on the Bachelorette {can someone finally call out the fact that Ben and Constantine look IDENTICAL?! WHY I ask WHY has no one mentioned that??!}.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breaking News :: Amy Winehouse found dead in London Apartment

This is extremely sad.  Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London Apartment this morning.  She was not only 27 she was so very talented.  It's sad that she couldn't fight her own demons long enough to live up to her true potential.  Reports say her death is still "unexplained" however she has battled drug and alcohol addictions almost all her life so it's hard not to assume. You can read the up to date story at CNN.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dreaming of...

As I sit at Starbucks my computer freezes.... for 5 minutes... so I hold down the button and turn it off.  I then have to proceed to pat it in all the right places {you think I'm joking? This is a routine my friends... she's a tricky little b****}.  I try to start her a couple times... nope... she's not ready yet.  She wants a nap.  Ten minutes later she finally works.  However there are no tables so she is on my lap... do you know how HOT a computer bought in 2005 gets? Don't even bother telling me about the 112 degrees it is outside... it's 200 degrees on my legs.  So this is what I am dreaming about right now... {don't tell her... she will get angry and won't start for a month... don't laugh... this has happened before.}

I would be boldfaced lying if I said I wanted this computer for any other reason then the pink cover.  Which is why Southern Boy will have to accompany me when this next computer purchase finally happens.  So I don't leave with something silly, expensive, and pink... but how cute would she be on my lap at Starbucks?

Or maybe this?? I am dreaming now... but that was the point of this post wasn't it??


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Next Target Collaboration? MISSONI!!!

I almost fell out of my chair while I was reading this in the August issue of "Vogue" I plucked out of my mailbox yesterday.  I was sitting outside in our joint courtyard and I'm SURE I made some sort of audible noises... but OMGOMGOMG.  You thought Calypso was exciting?? Get ready for Missoni at Target! They are working on FOUR HUNDRED different items (which seems cruel because I obviously can't buy 400..) ranging from table top, pillows, clothing (women, baby, men), bicycles, dinnerware, bedsheets, luggage... my hearts beating really fast... I'm not positive I'm breathing....

If you pick up a copy of this months Vogue, on new stands now, you can get a sneak peek of pillows, rugs, the bike (which is OMG amazing... I wish people in Dallas road bike's more... Maybe my brother can store it in DC and it will be what I ride when I visit? Sounds wonderful), and canisters.  I tried to take some pictures of the pictures in the magazine... no bueno. 

Here are some teaser pictures I found on Zimbio featuring the ever talented Margherita Missoni as their lovely model.  I still haven't started breathing again... Tonights mission: clean out my apartment and sell stuff so I can have a nice stash to take when it arrives.  It starts September 13th and goes til October 22nd - which means I know what all of you are getting me for my birthday - a Target gift card mmmmkay? Thanks :)

xoxo, (still not breathing properly....)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

:: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition at the MET ::

I wish beyond belief that I could make it to New York before this exhibition leaves but alas... there's no way.  This video of late Alexander McQueen's life of work is a great tour through the exhibit for anyone else who can't make it.  He was truly an artist, the kind of artist that inspired me to follow my dreams into the Fashion industry. Its this kind of pure creation that lead me to what will be my forever fate and I could never be grateful enough to designers such as Alexander McQueen for this.  It still gives me goosebumps and makes me a little emotional to watch.  Enjoy.


Monday, July 11, 2011

:: Kate Spade and Current/Elliot Collaboration ::

Photo courtesy of (

I was as surprised as I can imagine you are right now to hear this news.  If you're not familiar Current/Elliot is a denim line designed by Emily Current and Merrit Elliot.  They are also both stylists on the side so possibly that helps with the fact that their denim line couldn't be more California, laid-back, surfer chick while, as we all know, Kate Spade epitomizes preppy, tailored chic.  They have collaborated on a capsule collection called "Westward" that includes 6 bags that will debut in August.  Above is a small preview of the collection which has THOROUGHLY captured my attention!  While I have to be honest, I am almost sick of seeing this shape already I love the texture, and worn in material.  I would consider my style much much closer to being Kate Spade then Current/Elliot but I can not WAIT to see what else these brilliant ladies have come up with!! Stay tuned for the whole collection...


Friday, July 8, 2011

:: Happy Sunny Weekend!! ::

Have a cocktail {or a yummy cup of coffee!} in your beautiful outdoor space this weekend!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

:: Nostalgia ::

A few weeks ago I made a trip back to Wichita, Kansas where my parents live.  My brother was in town from Washington D.C. for his 10 year high school reunion, so I came to see him.  Since he was car-less my mom and I dropped him off at the "Senior Citizen Center" in Towanda Kansas where the reunion was.  Yes, you read right.  We went to high school in a small town outside of Wichita called Towanda.  And yes, you read the other part right, the reunion was at the "Senior Citizen Center".  Since we had ventured all the way out to Towanda (about a 25 minute drive from my parents house in Wichita), we decided to take a nostalgic tour of the town, including our high school, which is appropriately named Circle (more on that later).  I, of course, took lots of pictures and thought I'd share a little about our experience there.

Notice the giant circular shapes it was built in? Guess why it was called Circle High School?

Our colors were blue and gold and we were the "Thunderbirds".

I should of taken a picture of the other side.  This is actually the updated football stands they built the summer before my Sophomore year. We spent many Friday nights here.

Anyone feel like you're in "Dazed and Confused" yet?

I took this picture through the window of the front entrance. This is what you see when you first walk in the front doors.  My favorite senior picture is in front of this and I am wearing my "FLY Girls" t-shirt.  The "FLY Girls" was a long running tradition that the senior girls would pass on to the junior girls year after year.  The senior group of girls would make t-shirts that said FLY Girls, usually tye-dyed.  I actually think that it stands for "Football Ladies Yelling".  Embarrassment, but we would wear them to all the football games. I will dig up the picture one of these days! 

Down this wonderful dirt road with the wheat field to the side of it was...

The "concrete pond" we called the Towanda City Pool where yours truly was a life guard for 3 summers in a row.

This is one of 2 stop signs in the town.  Sweet farm huh?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

:: Paris Couture Fashion Week ::

Monday kicked off the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows, which means gorgeous gowns and whimsical outfits to drool over!! The most talked about has so far been Chanel although I have to admit, was slightly underwhelming.

Christian Dior was another that was in the spotlight, which was new head designer Bill Gaytten's first collection after taking over for John Galliano.  Although a very respected designer I have to agree with the review that read "what happens is a misjudged effort to impress an alien thumbprint on an aesthetic that, for better or worse, is one of the fashion industry's most clearly defined." I did like a few looks from his collection, which were all long flowy gowns of beautiful fabrics. What I did not like about the collection was the styling, it was a bit clownish, some of the models even looking a bit like drag queens.  So ignore that as you browse my favorites from the collection!

The one on the left is obviously the "drag queenish" one.  Imagine Blake Lively wearing this dress in Cannes with a gorgeous slightly undone up do.  In my head that looks stunning! The other I would wear in a SECOND, that is if I had some where to wear it... hmmm...

Beautiful fabric, colors, and draping!

Next up is Elie Saab, who usually goes over board in the Couture shows {although still amazing} with embellishments, stones, beading, etc.  He showed enough restraint and he hit the nail on the fashion head.  Each gown is more stunning then the next! As you can tell I had a hard time narrowing it down so there are more then usual.  It is quintessential Paris fashion at its best.  I've never wanted to be a princess more!! {Because I am sure that's the only way I'd be able to wear every single one of these, don't they lounge in their gorgeous castles in these kinds of dresses?} Imagine one of these gorgeous beauties as a wedding dress?! I can't even think straight right now...


Stay tuned for more from Paris fashion week...