Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

...Or so I am now calling it that.  My mom and I went today to look at these lamps she had found in a thrift store.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I am not a huge thrift store person aka hadn't really been to one short of looking for a costume until today. Not that I didn't like them, I have been to many home thrift stores but never for clothing. Buffalo Exchange on Greenville {Dallas} is the closest I've come but the prices did NOT compare to today.  I am now a BELIEVER! My mom left with nothing... I left with 2 lamps {sans shades} and 2 pairs of shoes.  Guess what my total was? Go ahead... guess.  Nope you're wrong!! It was $9.95!! I know!! So I am addicted {because I needed another fashion addiction...}.  I can't wait to hit up the ones in Dallas, I can only imagine I won't be disappointed. 

These brogue cuties were $.99!!! They are Liz Claiborne and suede and leather.  Seriously I saw them and died ... I feel a "What I Wore" Post brewing...

I am going to live in these little leather loafers this fall! With jeans, a tee, and blazer it's a perfect go anywhere outfit.  They are SO comfortable too... and they were like $2.00. I am obsessed! I may or may not be wearing them right now...

After I get shades for the lamps I will post about them too! What an exciting thrift store day.... I can't wait to do it again!!


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