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The September Issues :: Part 1

It's my favorite fashion time of year {tied with the Fall runway shows...} it's that time again when the SEPTEMBER ISSUES come out!! For those of you who don't know, this means magazines are HUGE, Vogue usually being around 800 pages for this month, it's the big Fall fashion issues {as Southern Boy learned this even means GQ! It's Christmas for Magazines}.  It's the time of year when I use a book mark for my magazines and have to set my books aside so I can read every glossy page in all of them.  Oh and I should tell you... I am obsessive about magazines.  You may have noticed in the About Me that I hoard them and stack them in book cases. {This only includes the fashion mags... Vogue, Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Lucky, W, and Marie Claire}.  I don't plan on ever throwing them away and if anyone ever helps me move they usually get annoyed they have to lug these magazines around... whatever I don't care... they are NOT to be thrown away.  I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a hoarder in any sense of the word... Magazines are the only weird thing I can't throw away.

Anywho! Lets get back to the task at hand.  Friends, I am going to chronicle out for you the highlights of each September Issue.  What each mag thinks are the Must Have items, Must Follow Trends, and things to leave behind.  I am going to do this is a series of 3 posts. Two issues a post of the following magazines...

First up!! Here we go... get your shopping lists out ladies... it's going to be GREAT Fall season!


Tortoise Shell accessories such as heels, necklaces, and clutches made an appearance in Nicholas Kirkwood, Dries Van Noten, and Louboutin's collections for fall.  Lanvin got in on the action with a "camera" style bag, and Michael Kors showed Tortoise jewelry.  This is a great add on to a basic outfit to give it a little extra textured look.

Lisa Armstrong of the Daily Telegraph in the U.K. contributed by saying some of the 10 things you MUST buy this season are a statement coat {bright yellow, crisp green, magenta, cobalt}, printed day dresses {take a cue from Marni or Rodarte}, menswear influenced pieces {tailored blazers, well cut trousers, perfectly tailor button down, JCrew always does these well}, and an updated LBD {sequins, or the fuller form, cut out shoulder version Fendi showed}.  She goes on to say that her shopping list "must have" for any woman includes "at least one midi skirt, a number of blouses, skinny knits-that's the '70's covered-one pencil skirt, two or three patterned pieces, flat boots, a pair of block-heeled pumps, and an overcoat or a cocoon-shaped topper in a strong statement color."

One trend that is in every magazine under the sun right now is polka-dots! Yep... polka-dots.  They show up in dresses {Lanvin}, blouses {Stella McCartney}, bags {Chanel}, and everything else you can think of! An easy way to jump on this trend is by adding a scarf to your outfit.  If you want to go a little bolder go with one of the sheer tops so many labels will be showing, or an all over dress.


No more bandage dresses ala Housewife of Where ever or Kardashian sister.  Dressing is finally universally about the woman and not dressing for the man {HALLELUJAH!}.  It's the new New Look which originated around 1947, postwar.  Dior {basically unknown at the time} came out with corseted tops paired with decadently full skirts topped with padded hips.  Despite protests over skirts made with nearly 27 yards of fabric at a time when war rationing was not yet a distant memory, it was soon an adopted style of the rich and fashionable Europeans.  In the U.S. it was quickly the favorite of fashion editors and was duplicated for the masses {less fabrication used of course...}.  The point being this trend is taking over for Fall.  Boxy cape's, flouncy skirts, longer lengths, and almost nothing being overtly "sexy" {there's that gag word again...}.  This is the main theme of the whole issue {read the article page 228 Some Like it Haute by Nick Axelrod.}.

So let's break this down into the Elle inspired shopping list.  Well of course you need a polka dot blouse... STAT. Or the Marc Jacobs clutch or headband also featured in the {OF COURSE} section about spots. The most popular item {EVERYWHERE} being the Stella McCartney lazer cut out dress below. If you can rock/own that dress you will rock/own the whole season.  Hopefully when the brand new Stella McCartney store opens in Highland Park Village I can get my hands on it {and by get my hands on it I mean try it on.... stare at myself for 30 minutes... not eat for a day... dream about it.... and then forget about it}. Oh by the way... only a dress of this sort can be against the "man-repeller" theme of the season. Another repeat offender is tortoise, same as above, any accessory you can find it in.

Next is lace... seen in shoes {Dior}, dresses {Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, etc etc}, and even in jewelry with a lace form.  The easier way to do this trend is a lace top paired over a cami, maybe even in a bright color.  Or a lace skirt paired with black tights and a simple silk top and blazer for work.  They also boast lot's of really graphic prints {hounds tooth, floral, animal, graphic colors} and baroque for a renaissance feel such as a metal necklace by Proenza Schouler or a woven silver clutch such as the one by Bottega Veneta. They show animal in tops {such as Equipments}, dresses {Calvin Klein and Club Monaco both make affordable ones}, and faux fur jackets {Banana Republic and Michael by Michael Kors}.

Pick up an issue of Elle to find lot's of options for shopping, for every price range.  For example, the best heels have sparkle {example, the Miu Miu's shown earlier}, are a Loafer heel {where have you seen those before?}, also kitten heels, and color blocking.

I could go on and on and on with both of these issues, but I will stop there. Stay tuned for the rest of the fall issues.  Also, stay tuned for a few "How to Wear it" posts.  I will find the best {affordable} pieces for each major trend of the season, for any age {your welcome Mom!!}.

Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday my wonderful fashion followers!!


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