Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I've Been up To.... Part 1

Things are really starting to get going lately with my new venture. I find myself consumed by it when I'm not working.  Besides that I've still been extra busy the last few months.  Here are a few things you missed that I would consider to be my favorite moments {this is part 1...}

First up on my US travel was Denver for my sisters baby shower. If you remember here she's having twins!!  {oops that was only 2 posts ago... and over a month. Sorry about that...}.

Curling Kelly's hair for the big day, in the bathroom 5 minutes before guests arrived.

Chatting with mimosa in hand {obviously...}

My sister Carla.  Don't judge us... we are making fun of the skinny arm pose. {which really gives you a skinnier arm turns out...}
The Meetz girls together. We didn't get a perfect picture but got 2 decent ones...

Whoops... Smiles but Carla's eyes are closed.
Couldn't resist for some reason another make fun of the skinny arm pose...
The fun in Denver didn't stop there. The Meetz girls took Kelly's loot back to her house and then went to a local bar to watch Wichita State unfortunately lose in the Final 4. We lazily hung out, had dinner, laughed as we always do together, made fun of each other as we always do, and went back to our hotel room and watched Silver Linings Playbook {fist pumping JL and BC's weird relationship}.

The next day Carla and my mom left early and I had the whole day to roam around Denver with Kelly. We had Mexican food {because even far away from Dallas I can't be without it for too long}, shopped {same answer?}, and then went to my name-sakes museum; The Molly Brown House.  If you remember on Titanic, the character Kathy Bates played? Loud? Bossy? Sarcastic? Yep... I was named after her. She was a famous Denver socialite who was a huge activist for women's rights {she was obviously really badass, and obviously my parents had higher hopes for me}.  Anyway, we went on a tour of her house since I haven't done it since we lived in Denver and I was little. 

Obviously took the obligatory selfies outside her house... {no pictures allowed inside} Prepare yourself. I'm sure people watching were creeped out...

How do you pose alone? Like this...

Awkward lady like?

Can you see me?

When I feel awkward alone sometimes I do this...

Different angle?
And I'll put you out of my selfie misery... I bet the awkwardness of it all made you sweat from uncomfortableness huh?


P.S. Single girl? Girl who has been single ever in her 20's? Read this immediately... Am I the only one who thinks it's accurate and hilarious?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shoe Obsession

I have put myself on a spending lock down. Not freeze, because the word freeze doesn't scare me. Lock down, seems way more serious.  When you do what I do you have amazing things in front of you all day that are screaming to be bought. So I spend way more then I should on clothes, shoes, jeans {yes whole separate category}, bags, etc etc.  So when I see something and drift into "well that price isn't bad..." I immediately snap back and move on to something else. The WORST thing right now is shoes.

ALL I WANNA DO IS BUY SHOES!!!!  It's so hard not to, but I've done it so far.  So just in case you felt like you wanted to buy me something, I'm a 6 1/2 or 7 and here are the shoes I can't stop looking at...

Zara :: $99 :: AMAZINGNESS
I look at them every night when I get home from work and have somehow talked myself into not driving to the Galleria to see if I can try them on. I have thought of 95 outfits to wear with these. They are my shoe heaven... Amazing in every single way possible. I. Die. For. These. Shoes.