Monday, August 1, 2011

Getaway Outfit Idea

I know I said I would post about my weekend but I forgot my camera cord {if you remember I am in Kansas now until Sunday} so I will post about my fabulous weekend when I get my cord back.  So for now I am in a ridiculous fashion lull, mostly because it's that annoying calm before the storm.  Some fall has hit stores but not a lot and it's not time to wear any of it, fashion week is just around the corner so everyones hibernating from the extreme heat or working like a mad man to finish their collections.

So to get my mind off of that I have put together an airplane outfit idea..  A possible trip to Vegas next week {it has been talked about for months... will happen eventually who knows when!}, and a trip to New York over my birthday weekend are both coming up.  I obviously choose the New York trip since it will be October and Fall appropriate!  Possible summer outfit idea if I get over my summer grumpiness anytime soon...

Happy August and Monday!!

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