Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bold Colors

Hello Again!

Sorry for such a delayed second post! I promise to be speedier next time! It took me awhile to really figure out what I wanted my next post to be.  My sister in Denver suggested that I post about trends for the season and how a real life person could translate them (i.e. not the Marchesa dresses in my last post which I am clearly prancing around Dallas in on a daily bases.. or just in my dreams.)  I was debating on which trend to start with and finally decided that color blocking/bold colors would the answer!  This trend seems to be something that people fear but is SO simple even a guy could do it (think Andy on the office, but possibly a tiny bit less of an Easter egg.).

Instead of showing you how celebs are sporting these looks or how retailers are styling it I figured what better way then showing you real looks from my very own closet! It couldn't get much more real girl then that.  So here we go...

Bare with me while I figure out how to take better pictures of outfits.  I live in a hamster box so there is not much room in here to lay things on the floor, not to mention my carpet is clearly old (don't judge, it's an apartment! Plus the weird thing is whenever anyone walks in for the first time they say "Wow, look how new your carpet looks!" No it doesn't you a*hole... it's ok).

Anyway, this is a beginners EASY how-to color block. First of all, the easiest way to get away with this trend barely even trying is to wear WHITE JEANS! Then all you have to do is pair it with a bring colored silk tank, this one is by Hunter Dixon one of my favorite lines.  They do this "Mo Top" every season in amazing colors (I literally have it in pink, purple, white, and navy).  You can do purple as I did, or literally any other bright color under the sun.  I like purple because it's an easy go to color to pair with turquoise jewelry.  This necklace is by Gerard Yosca bought at Elaine Turner several years ago.  You can always call the Houston store and see what great statement necklaces they have at the moment or go to http://www.melizabethdesigns.com/.  She has many GREAT statement pieces that you can wear with anything in your closet.  The shoes are the easiest part about this outfit.  With a wide leg jean you don't need to worry to much about it, wear the easy tan suede wedge, mine from Joie.  These are another easy staple that I have about 4 of.  Tan, pale wedges are not only comfortable they make your legs look a mile long.  If your wearing a skinnier leg pant go for the bright pink or blue shoe! How easy was that? I bet you found similar pieces in your own closet too.

Here are some examples of things you can do if you are getting a little more adventurous with your colors. 

My favorite are the light pink ones worn by Camren Diaz but I think the cobalt or purple versions worn by Rachel Bilson and Kim Kardashian (her massive engagement ring is probably a good accessory to this look..) are probably easier for everyone to wear.  Seriously just wear them as they are with a white tshirt or silk tank and cut neutral shoes.

That's it for now.  I promise I will get more consistent not to mention just all around better at this as we go....


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And so it begins...

Hello blog world!

I have been planning on starting a blog for awhile now and I guess tonight was the night to finally do it!  This is mostly going to be a style/fashion blog, with a few posts about my everyday life depending on whether something interesting enough happens to me (chances = slim to none).  As you can probably tell from the layout I have a more girly vision of style, clothing and home decor.  For the most part I can appreciate other style ideas as well, even if I don't want to follow them myself.

Enough about me... who really cares?  I thought I would start out by sharing some of my favorite looks for Spring 2011.  It's a general "get started" post.

These looks are all from the gorgeous British designers of Marchesa for Spring 2011.  I felt like the first one's should go along with the "theme" of the blog and what better way then 5 AMAZING fantasy dresses?  I had a hard time narrowing down from Marchesa, being one of my absolute favorite designers ever but I love the way Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig always use interesting shapes and fairy tale silhouttes.  I love soft colors for Spring and it seems like it's more acceptable to finally be a GIRL again, which excites me!