Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally! Welcome to Dallas H&M.

Well hello H&M.  We are happy to finally have you here in the lovely city of Dallas. It's been way to long but we are glad you're here.  While I haven't come to say a proper hello to you I promise I am going to soon... possibly tomorrow? I have taken a sneak peak at the website and have picked out a few must haves for my Fall wardrobe.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am blazer obsessed. It's possible I own about 25 of them.  I don't however own a solid navy one. Not to mention the fact that I want my hair to look like the above picture.

Plus I completely am in love with elbow patches so this little lady is PERFECT!!!! She is $39.95 which makes her even more amaaaazing.

I love this little guy for being SO incredibly lady like.  I want to wear her with a tie blouse and great tailored pants.   Only $49.95.

I mean... I think by now I don't have to say anything about this one.... perfectly preppy. $59.95.

AMAZING!! I need to see her in person so I can touch it.  It's obvi faux fur... the big kicker here will be what it feels like.  This would be perfect for my annual dress up as Rachel Zoe for Halloween! {yes... only girls know who I am... but it doesn't make it any less fun for me}

I can't get enough of rings either.  A simple cocktail ring is the best.

Stripes are always a good thing to get behind, especially in a jersey top with a little sheen that is only $12.95.  Perfect for under every one of those blazers up there!

I want a sweater like this to pair with a flowy maxi skirt and flats. The perfect fall look at such a wonderful price.

See you tomorrow H&M.... I have a feeling we will have a beautiful friendship strike up. I hope you are as good to me as I plan on being to you.


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