Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bag Obsession...

I am completely obsessing over my dream Chanel bag lately after trying it on my arm {bad idea... I can't sleep or eat without thinking about how much better all of that would be with it...}. I have tried to find something comparable.  Instead... I found this gorgeous beauty.

I couldn't even decide which hypothetical color I wanted.  So why not all three! This pretty little lady is by Lanvin and is actually called the Happy Shoulder Bag... I mean stop! You can't just name a bag the Happy Shoulder Bag and not want people to be happier then anything with it! It's so perfect with the cute little bow and the bamboo turn lock. The issue is this doesn't really help the Chanel bag lust... although it knocks a couple grand off it's still not in the right ball park... {sigh}.

Looks like I will need to do find a completely different bag to cover my lust for now....


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