Saturday, August 6, 2011

:: Love ::

 Being home and rummaging through old family pictures! These 2 are some of my favorites! I mean.... my mom dressed us impeccably in matching nautical sailor outfits....  I don't think my mom and I have anything in common... ;)

Going on an early morning run in 77degree weather. {I have a feeling this will not happen in Dallas for quite some time...}

Spending a weekend in Kansas City catching up with great friends!

Lounging by the pool catching up on magazines and my current book "The White Queen" by Phillippa Gregory. No care in the world.... {Or until Monday at least...}



  1. Ok I'm commenting.... first off - PUMPED I'm in your blog! Second - how is The White Queen? I love Philippa Gregory but haven't read any of her books since the 909 days. Third - come back to KC soooon.

  2. I like the White Queen! It's pretty good so far... I think you would like it. I will be back in KC as soon as possible!! I would do a whole post surrounded by you if you wanted to come to Dallas :) Just saying...