Monday, March 19, 2012

IKat Inspired Nails

I didn't think I would catch the fever of doing anything on my nails except for dark purple, brown, and red... but I did.  I ventured out recently into a lighter purple polish with my ring finger nail being a sparkly pink, silver, and gold color and I kind of love it.  I think maybe my next step are these ikat nails...

Dare I say this may be next?? Of course it would be insane to think I would be doing this with a brush.  This picture is from a few months ago in Lucky Magazine.  They suggest using NCLA's nail wraps.   Unfortunately this color is sold out.  Hmm... I will keep you posted on how I achieve this look.

Maybe this combo of it would be easier?

This picture is from Refinery 29's instaveiw page.  The darker colors I think I could handle for day to day.  Nothing annoys me more than my nails clashing with my outfit, which is mostly why I stick with dark colors.


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  1. Love the color combination you used and the design looks very gorgeous dude... Its nicely and neatly done .. i like your art..fantastic man..please give some tips to create it.. . Love it... Great job :D