Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Weekend :: Swimsuit Lust

I don't know about you but I am so ready for it to be Friday!! So far my only plan is a Rangers Baseball game tonight with an extremely fun group of people so it should not disappoint... The weather is going to cooperate so I'm also sure that a little pool time will be on the agenda.

Here's the swim suit I'm lusting over... really wish I had it for Saturday!

I hope everyone has as fun and relaxing of a weekend as I'm sure is in store for me!

Anyone have fun plans?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girl Crush 101 :: Late Afternoon

Ok, so I debated doing this post.  I went back and forth on it because one day at market one of my favorite cute buyers came in and after having a fun hour with her helping her buy for her boutique I sighed to the other girls I work with and said "Ugh, I love her... I have such a girl crush on her!".  Now I have used this phrase before and girls usually say "Oh yeah, for sure".  Not this time, one looked at me like I had 3 heads and the other laughed and asked if I wanted to date her.  No. I don't. I thought all girls were aware of what a girl crush was but I kind of stumbled over my words trying to explain it.  One said "I have NEVER had a girl crush on anyone" and the other said "Maybe I have and didn't know?".  Um, I question you both {sorry if you're reading}, I think you both have but are too uncomfortable to admit it.  Guys have guy crushes on guys all the time!! 

These girls obvi have a girl crush on each other.
I am mostly sad for girls that don't understand this concept.  It doesn't mean that I want to be someone else {ahem... it also doesn't mean I want to date her}, it means you get inspired by them, you like who they are, what they're about and what they stand for.  Mostly you just like their whole aura {yes hippie children, I am using aura here... it just feels right} It's all what they're about and maybe in the end you take a little from them, not to copy but from inspiration.

Anyway, I am starting a new series of posts called Girl Crush 101.  I am going to spotlight girls, mostly other bloggers... but if I can convince them I will spotlight some of my fabulously amazing friends as well.

First up I am going to do the adorable blogger Liz from Late Afternoon.  I chose her because she has a hippie streak I am so in awe of lately.  It's the perfect combo of girly, hippie, a little preppy, but all her own. I am admittedly girly and preppy and sometimes feel outside of my box dressed with a hippie flair.  However, lately I can't get enough of stalking these styles online!  Here are some of her recent looks that are my favorites and complete inspiration to me! 

Who doesn't want a picture like this with their friends? Emily, Kristen, Megan... can we do this at our lake house?

Again, so adorable.  {Monica, Casey, Moo, Morgan, Zuk... I'm thinking we do this pose at the next football game we all attend} Oh and that is not a maxi dress... it's a jumpsuit which made me do a little gasp.  I NEED IT!!!! {and someone to teach me how to braid my hair like that...}

So I hope I helped you all understand what I mean when I say Girl Crush now.  If not I may be in slight trouble...


Monday, April 23, 2012

Maxi Skirts :: Spring Obsession

I love a good maxi dress, it's basically my uniform once the weather gets warm.  Nothing is more comfy and still cute enough for a drink on a patio {or several drinks on a patio}.  An update to the maxi dress is a great maxi skirt paired with a silk tank and it serves the same weekend purpose.

Here are some of my favorites.

And this one will be in my closet by the end of the week.

I'm already day dreaming about the next Saturday where I will be in one of these on a rooftop patio with a mimosa in hand.

Ugh... Monday.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coachella Fashion

I know where I wish I was going this coming weekend.  Coachella.  It's on my bucket list but will have to wait at least another year.  Oh well, I am left to watch the videos online and look at all of the fashion from my couch too.  Here are some of my favorites so far.

My inner hippie might be making an appearance this weekend in celebration.  Have fun anyone that gets to go!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Travel :: My Trip in Pictures

Hello lovely people!

I have had a very busy and successful trip to Atlanta so far! {minus way to many escalators... everywhere.  Have I mentioned that's one of my biggest fears?} I have barely ventured outside either {my hotel is connected to AmericasMart where I've been working.}

Sneak peak of one of my favorite Fall dresses.  Don't be surprised if I am way to dressed up but wearing it every day none the less.  I mean, when has being way to dressed up for an occasion ever stopped me before?

Leather, leather, leather.  Love Fall clothes.

Random but AmericasMart random flower arrangements in the hallways make me really happy.  I love a good bouquet of flowers.

My favorite shoes with my favorite print maxi for Fall.

Arm party.  Vanessa Mooney bracelets and ring paired with a Michael Kors watch.  Don't forget the ikat finger party.

As everyone else prepares for Summer, us in the fashion industry are finishing up with Fall and moving on to Holiday.

Happy weekend everyone who gets one!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travel :: Packing 101

Whoops, as I unpacked my bag I realized that I packed 5 pairs of shoes and they are all 5 nude/tan colored.  Not sure why anyone would need that many of the same color in varying heel heights.

Packing fail 101.

Hopefully I packed the clothing part better.  I guess I will find out while trying to get dressed in the morning.


Travel :: Atlanta Market

In the spirit of just plain blogging more I am going to try to blog more about my travels, no not fancy island travel, work travel, sorry - that's all I've got right now!

So here I go this morning... off to Atlanta for Market! This is my first time in Atlanta so I will try to snap a lot of pictures and share my experience!

Wish me luck and more later!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Streets of Sparkle

Last week the adorably funny Jaclyn of Streets of Sparkle forced me to get comfortable in front of the camera after the LAFCO blogger event! I can't believe she caught me in such a slightly comfortable pose... good camera work is what I call that.

See the whole post and what all my outfit pieces are here!

This was slightly out side of my box but getting ready quickly and knowing I needed to be stylish for the LAFCO event in Highland Park Village I stretched myself! {I mean you can't step foot in HPV without wearing something ultra cool... you will feel like a troll immediately!} I always feel instantly stylish in these pants and I think the apricot Line & Dot jacket was the perfect way to Spring it up! 

I am on my way to getting more comfortable in pictures... hopefully the next time I run into Jaclyn I will be broken in! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obsessing Over :: Nail Color

Oops... sorry for the uncreativity right now in my posts.  However, I am obsessing {I mean night, day, eating, sleeping} over my nail color.   Usually I don't give nail trends a second thought but for some reason it's consuming my mind.  After a couple failed attempts at the ring finger different color trend I have finally nailed {pun intended} down my favorite combo.  My nails look hideous right now so I will fix and take a picture later but my favorite thus far is a plum purple color with silver, pink, gold glitter on the ring finger.  As you all know my next adventure will be these. However I am also adding the below to my list of must try nail trends for the season... no wonder my nails are hideous! They are screaming for me to lay on some dark red polish and leave them alone again... sorry ladies... not happening til next October so let's get used to it.

I tried this one last week. You have to get the EXACT right pink for this to not look totally ridiculous.  I used a bright pink usually only used on my toes when I'm feeling sassy and on my 5 year old nieces nails when I go over to babysit.  That is not the right kind.  After searching I could not find the origin of this picture or what the color is, if you know please let me know!

I love this coral pink color but I am not a huge fan of matte nail polish.  It makes me feel like I stuck my nails in clay so I would probably just go for it and do a shiny pale coral with the silver stripes... how on earth do you get them that straight?

I may have to splurge for this Deborah Lippmann gold glitter.  I haven't been able to find one so perfectly thin but with big flecks of gold.  This could be used on so many of the current trends it might be worth it.

Let's go back to my inability to have my nails be this crazy... I love this but I would probably just do one MAYBE two of my fingers in this chevron.  Again, I am going to learn to do this on my own.  I will... just wait.

What nail trends are you drooling over right now?



Sunday, April 1, 2012

What to Wear :: Guest of Wedding

As I mentioned, I attended my first wedding of the season yesterday and it was just as gorgeous as I expected! The bride's wedding dress was fantastic and all over lace and the band was fun so the dancing did not stop.  I wore a light pink Cynthia Steffe one shoulder ruffle dress and Southern Boy wore a tan Spring suit, we were ready for Spring and a preppy party for sure.

Dressing for weddings can be tricky but I don't think it has to be.  Just have fun and enjoy the way you feel and look and you will be set.  Here are some fun suggestions for your upcoming wedding.


What is your go to dress for weddings?