Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....

.... who has the smallest bathroom of them all?  What? Are you shocked by that? Since I have repeatedly mentioned I live in a hamster box you shouldn't be.  Actually the bathroom is the one room in my apartment that I haven't been able to mask into looking much better than it is.  Anyway, I have been wistfully looking at pictures of gorgeous bathrooms online a lot lately.  Here are a few of my favorites...

I posted this little pretty on Pinterest {actually I repinned it} and after I did about 30 people repinned it! {It tells you... slightly annoyingly... every time someone repins something of yours}.  Anyway! I love windows in bathrooms to brighten it up... not to mention all over white is always clean and inviting! {as long as it's clean...}

I love the two different mirrors here! Plus candles and flowers anywhere in a house will get a thumbs up from me. I also love subway tile in a kitchen or bathroom, it instantly makes it look clean and inviting.

You remember her!! I am going to lay in that tube with my laptop someday...

I love the open storage cabinet. I feel as if it keeps you organized, neat, and tidy since everyone can see in it, but it's still practical.  I also heart that vanity although I'm not sure where this person is hiding their makeup/blow dryer/all of the tools to get ready.  It must be on the other side of the picture...

Again a the window, obviously love.  I also love the sinks and granite counter tops!

I really like this dresser.  I know I want a stand alone tub but I want mine to have vintage claw feet.

This vanity might suit me a little better.  More room for storage plus it looks like there is a tray with bath oils and perfumes on it... LOVE!!

I love the idea of a chaise in the bathroom if it's big enough.  Such a great place to lounge or have girlfriends over before a night out!

This is another from pinterest.  The tray is actually a picture frame! I love this idea and plan on stealing it probably multiple times!

Who wouldn't feel gorgeous getting ready in a girly, pretty bathroom such as these?!


P.S. Go to Because I'm Addicted to see the sneak peek pictures in Vogue from Missoni at Target!!!!! EEECCCCCCKKKKKK!!!

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