Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I Wore :: Pink Pleats

I have been in Atlanta now for what feels like forever.  Did I move into the Westin downtown? I think so...  I started off on a good outfit foot though.  This is what I wore to market on Thursday, my packing has failed me and it's only gone down hill from there, luckily I wear samples most days.  A girl I work with told me I looked like Blair from Atlantic-Pacific this day so obvi I had to document the look.  I immediately told her she was my favorite person in the entire world for saying that... it may have freaked her out a bit.

Anyway, I finally had a coworker take a picture of me wearing my new favorite pleated pink skirt from Line & Dot.  I love that it's long enough to wear with my new extremely tall wedges too.  

Please excuse the bad background.  My one stipulation was that we had to go where no one could see her taking my picture.  That meant the back hallway of the showrooms that is not the most pleasing thing to look at.  I also told her she had to hurry so no one would question our sanity, which is why these are the only 2 pictures. You get the idea though.

I have been dreaming about these ladies for a good month now.  I finally pulled the trigger and can't stop wearing them.

Finally back to Dallas tomorrow night, just in time to catch up on the Bachelorette before finishing my last 4 days of work after an 18 day stretch finally comes to an end.


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