Friday, August 19, 2011

Cheap Little Bottle of Heaven

So I ventured to Target today for detergent so I could finally do some laundry.  While there I decided to peruse through the make-up section.  I came upon the section with E.L.F. {if you're not familiar it's a somehow super cheap make-up line.} I have bought E.L.F. products before, never been blown away but at least felt like I got my $1 worth {which is the price of almost everything... now it's either $1, $3, or $5}.  I needed a new foundation brush but I found this Brush Shampoo.  I have used the Clinique spray brush cleaner before but didn't think it did a stellar job so I was sceptical.  I brought it home with me being only $3 and I had to share it with you... it was a MIRACLE WORKER.  It worked much better than the $15 spray from Clinique.  I was in shock over my sink and ended up cleaning all my brushes instead of just the one!! I highly recommend everyone has this little bottle of cheap heaven in their bathroom cabinet!

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  1. how funny- we have the same blog name. I saw your name pop up on that dallas bloggers site and thought, "how in the hell am i nominated for a dallas award"?