Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!!

The most overrated of all the holiday's is upon us.  I hope you have finally figured out to not put too much stock in this holiday or she will let you down... miserably.  I plan on donning lot's of sequins and color and heading down to Austin for a fun filled night with one of my best friends. It doesn't matter what you are doing with her... you WILL have a good time so I know tonight will be no let down.

I hope you have a fabulous beyond fabulous NYE but more importantly I hope your 2013 kicks 2012's ass {that's what I'm hoping for anyway...}.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions :: #2 & #3... Travel & Language

The final hours of 2012 are coming to an end and let me be the first to say I couldn't be happier. I am ready for 2013... it's really going to be my year.

This next resolution actually expands into 2014 but oh well.  I already have a lot of travel plans for 2013... Nashville in February, Denver in June and April, and hopefully another trip to DC sometime before the year is up to see my brother again! {Not to mention New York 5 times, Atlanta 4 times, Las Vegas twice, and New Orleans a few times thrown in for fun.. and work.}

While these are fun and I am extremely excited for them, I have finally decided to start saving for a trip to Paris. I've always wanted to go, even through pictures it's completely magical and breathtaking. So, sometime in 2014 I will be taking a week off and heading to France.  I have decided that whether I go alone or if someone wants to come with me this is happening {any takers?}. 

Besides this trip I also want to make it more of a habit. Once my credit cards and other large bills are paid off I am going to keep a savings account just for traveling {hopefully mostly abroad}. 

This brings me to my next resolution, learn French.  I have talked about this for years now and have had a lot of people tell me that that's a waste of my money and time.  Well, haters be gone, I do not have any interest in learning Spanish {call me naive}, so in 2013 I am going to take a French class and hopefully I will learn enough to get through my week long jaunt.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Resolution :: #1... Trouble

I am going to start a new series through January.  I feel as if 2012 was a VERY enlightening year for me so I have quite a few resolutions to kick off 2013.  These are in no particular order, just the order I blog about them. To start out I will let Taylor Swift explain the first one...

I spent most of 2012 single. Which, I have to admit was very fun.  The few guys I did "date" were jerks, commitment phobes, or let's just say most of them were trouble.  While I am not dating the hipster, tattooed guy with long hair such as she seems to be dating in the video {mine are more preppy khaki wearing guys} I feel for her.  It's possible that's why this song brought me from being iffy on T-Swift to blasting and singing this song too loudly.

Enough of that, my point is resolution #1 is to only date the nice guy.  That's it. There's not much to it. When I realize a guy is trouble I will not stick around to see what happens. I will stop talking to him and move on the the next guy who appears to be one of the nice guys.

My resolution is NOT to find a boyfriend in 2013, don't be confused. My resolution is to stop wasting my time on trouble, if this means I stay single until 2025, so be it. You should probably take this advice as well. The world would be a better place.

It sounds simple enough, however apparently it took me having an epiphany to reach this conclusion. Which means, it's important enough to add to the list.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you've had a great Holiday with your family, friends, and whoever else you enjoy spending time with.  I know I've had a great time since Saturday. I've been in Wichita KS where my parents live with my sister who came from Denver. Basically all we've done is eat, drink, nap, watch Lifetime Christmas movies, and laugh.  I have been in a cozy sweater and sweat pants most of the time so I can't complain too much.

Christmas Morning!
My brother stayed in DC this Christmas so we had a FaceTime present opening session.
Kansas sunset from a few days ago. Still some snow remnants on the ground. Hoping for more today!
I am going live up the rest of my relaxation vacation and go snuggle under a blanket.  My brother and his girlfriend inspired us to pull out Scrabble so that will be started shortly as well. 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Thursday :: Dress Love...

So as many of you know Gossip Girl's last. episode. ever was Monday night. Tears, laughter, all of the above but mostly I feel a void in my life. How am I going to fill that void? I have no idea,  I guess will keep searching for something but the main thing I took from this episode was Serena's wedding dress. I died, and cried all over again. If for some reason you haven't watched it yet sorry for the spoiler alert.

It was designed by Georges Chakra and it melted my heart.  I want nothing more than to someday walk down the aisle {preferably not the staircase into my best friends living room as she did...} in this gorgeous creation. {Which is another reason why my future husband has to be a SAINT to put up with me... and my gold wedding dress...}

Well first step first... not be single.

Gossip Girl

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Over Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday! It's almost over... that's the important part. Here are some words to remember year round but especially at the holiday's when you are single. {wait do I need a pity party? Ok... that's done...}.

Moral of the story? I know it takes awhile to learn it but it's true. Quality over quantity.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel :: Southeast Road Trip

I am lucky enough that I get to travel on a regular basis for my job. Last week took me on a 5 state road trip around the southeast. Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, back to Georgia.  Luckily I was traveling with a co-worker I can also call a friend.  While we didn't have much time to explore we did make the most of the short time we had in each city.

Driving across a causeway in Alabama. Beautiful day to be near the ocean! I fell in love with Auburn, AL and wish we had more time to take pictures there. It was perfectly cute and preppy and I plan on making a trip back ASAP. It's possible I may move there...

We then ventured to Tallahassee, FL where Kelly went to school at Florida State. So of course we had to hit up the college hot spots. I was called 21 and 20 by 2 separate people so I had a great time. 

Next stop... Jacksonville, FL. We got to our appointment a little early and decided the best thing to do was to take a picture in front of the festive lions. No one was around so two solo shots it was!

I fell in love with the windows and trees at Capitol and Poole Shop in Charlotte. I was too in love with everything inside the stores to remember to take pictures. Gorgeous beaded bags, over sized lion and elephant rings, beautiful kaftan's, I literally die for everything.

I then fell in love with this owl cuff and these booties at Chez Elle in Charlotte, NC.  Both of which were more in my price range and on my Christmas list as I type.

Next up was dinner in Chapel Hill at Top of the Hill. Our first actual dinner that wasn't from a bag, or a hotel fridge.  Fried pickles and jalapeƱos followed by fried shrimp gnocchi.  Hey I said it wasn't from a bag I didn't say it was going to be healthy. It was so amazing I may hop a flight to Chapel Hill just to eat here again. Notice the outfits... everywhere we went people commented on how bright we were. We were ready for a colorful preppy holiday!

Last but definitely not least was hitting up Bojangles on the way back to Atlanta from Raleigh.  I have heard about this for the last 2 years by a certain friend who swears it is the best thing ever. He was right... Luckily it's not near me otherwise I would literally weigh 250 pounds.

After spending a week in the southeast I immediately want to go back and spend more time exploring. I think I was a Southern Belle in another life...