Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rando... Deliciouso

Ok... this is a random post.  I am not a big food endorser... I mean... I LOVE food.  More than you would probably think... I eat A LOT but obviously this blog is not surrounded around cooking/food. However I can't keep this to myself... it's TOO amazing.

After a particularly hard yoga class last night I tried to make it to the grocery store.  For anyone that does yoga you might be able to appreciate the lethargic feeling you get after a class... especially one from Stephanie at Karmany Yoga {drop 5lbs one class... seriously.}.  Anyway, {sorry I get off track so easily...} I was lethargically driving toward what I thought was Kroger... nope I went to Whole Foods.  Oops... oh well, I was getting mushrooms, tortillas, and salsa so this should be fine.  I realized by the milk, I needed milk.  So this is what I grabbed:

Now, I have had coconut milk before.  I actually prefer it, but I saw this unsweetened version that is only 50 CALORIES a serving and I was sold.  I did assume it was going to taste pretty watery but oh well... lets try it out.

HOLY SHIT!! The name is no lie.. it is SO DELICIOUS {sorry if you just gagged a little there... I did too}.  I have almost finished every box of cereal I had in my apartment. It's AMAZING!! So yummy....

Now I have something else to admit {sorry family...}.  My family does something gross... when we run out of milk we use half and half in our cereal, not just because "oh... I just really want a bowl of cereal."  More like "YES.. the milks out so I can use half and half and not feel like a disgusting human being for it!".  Well folks... this is just as good and you don't have to feel guilty about it!!  Trust me... I eat a lot of cereal {another product I thought about selling to you... Special K Cinnamon Pecan... I went through 2 boxes in one week and have banned myself from it.. it's pure heaven.  Wait... what do you think they would taste like together? O.M.G....}.

Ok for anyway that actually got through this post {mom, dad, southern boy... thank you!}... I will try to do something less random next time... but I couldn't help myself.




  1. You and Elise kept talking about this. I would normally never be interesting...but you are making it sound enticing!

    1. Hi,
      I know this was an old blog but i think the 2nd sequined top was very similar to something allsaints were doing. I doubt they are still carrying it now but they probably have something similar as allsaints have signture looks they always continue.