Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux Lashes

So, I have been really horrible about pictures lately.  Everytime I do something I warn everyone "I will take a lot of pictures tonight".  Do you know the last time that actually happened? It hasn't.... for months.  Probably when I was in Kansas City a couple of months ago.  Anyway, so Fashion's Night Out {no exception... took 0 pictures} my friend Jana and I ventured out around Highland Park Village in Dallas.  We started at Scoop where they offered us free faux eyelashes.  I usually feel like I look like a hooker or a 10 year old playing dress up with faux lashes so I was skeptical but free? That's the magic word in my book.... so yes, please, stranger put your fingers near my eyes and put faux lashes on me!  So the lady said that they would dry and we wouldn't even feel them like 5 minutes later... well let me tell you that was a flat out lie.  I felt like I had a feather sticking from my eye... so of course I felt they looked ridiculous but didn't really have  a mirror to look in so just trusted my also faux lash clad friend to tell me that I looked normal.  We finished up at HPV and went to dinner, finally around 11:00pm I went to say hello to Southern Boy who had just gotten back into town from a work trip.  He almost immediately said "Your eyes look so pretty!" So needless to say... I was sold. I made sure to ask if he was really just pointing out that something was different but in a sweet way... nope he liked the eyelashes so much he offered to buy me as many pairs as I wanted so I would wear them more often! {in a sweet way... not a "finally you figured out your eye makeup" sort of way}.  Long story short... I did finally get used to these the 2nd wear {the designers who donned us with them told us you can wear 1 set up to like 6 times or something insane!}.  After the 2nd time I felt more natural in them and am planning on stocking up with them because they were ridiculously easy to put on myself!

So the brand is literally Faux {original I know... almost as original as naming your blog Pretty in Pink...}. We had the chance as I mentioned to meet the designers of the lashes and they were ADORABLE!  Right now you can only get them online here.  They have a million different kinds.... costume, normal, designer.  The ones below are the ones that we received... and they are only $9 which seems high but if you can wear them like 6 times then that seems fair to me.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Icon and Her Haute Couture

I want to start this off by apologizing for taking OVER A WEEK to post! I have been busy but then when I had time to blog my computer would over heat.... SO ANNOYING (remember the post about the computer? Don't tell her but it may happen sooner then she thinks....). 

ANYWAY!  I am going to stock up on posts, I am going out of town tomorrow (post to follow... a "What I am going to Wear").  I want to make sure there are plenty to go through the weekend! 

So, as some of you may know Christies Auction House is hosting an auction with some of Elizabeth Taylor's most loved peices from her collection.  This includes baubles, bags, and gowns!  I would throw my right leg over a boat to be there and be able to buy something but alas I won't be.  Taylor passed away in March of this year at the age of 79.  Thankfully she was meticulous in perserving her gowns and jewels.  The auction will be over 2 days and starts December 14th in New York City.  Here are some of my favorite peices that have been released...

The above dress is her wedding dress to Richard Burton in 1964.  It's expected to bring in $30,000-$60,000 and is designed by Irene Sharaff.  This is possibly the one I would covet the most... and of course it's going for the most money.  It's so gorgeous, she looks so beautiful in it!

This beautiful Valentino look is expected to bring in $3,000 - $4,000 which seems low to me.  Valentino was her go to designer for show stopping looks.

I am dying over this one.... it's so gorgeous! This is created by Halston who was a great friend of Taylor.  They used to dance at Studio 54 into the early hours together.  The bag here is Hermes and they will be sold together.

She wore this gorgeous Christian Dior white organza gown to accompany Malcolm Forbes to the 70th anniversary of Forbes Magazine.

This is a stunning caftan of cotton ikat by Thea Porter. 

{Sigh}.... Well if you're lucky enough to be their I am sure you won't mind throwing in another couple thousand to bring something home for me! It will be my Christmas present! So thanks in advance :)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prabal Gurung - Spring 2012 Runway

Someone who has a lot of good buzz around him this runway season is Prabal Gurung.  I am usually a fan but after seeing all of the great press and then finally checking out the runway show this morning I am left feeling a little underwhelmed.  While I do love the print that he created with a London print maker I feel like I didn't get enough out of it.  Here are some of my favorites from his show.  Again with the gowns!! Oscar goers/Emmy goers will have plenty to choose from this year if what I've seen so far is any inclination... the black gown with the cut outs is GORGEOUS and would be phenomenal on someone like Blake Lively or Cameron Diaz.

Also, all of my pictures of runways are USUALLY found on style.com.  If I ever get them from anywhere else I will let you know, but for those not in the know that's where you can see all the really important shows and past archives.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Peter Som - Fashion Week Spring 2012

So fashion week is well underway!! It's my favorite time of the fashion year! {the Fall runways more so... so this is my second favorite to fair... sorry Spring...}. I haven't had time to really go through all the pictures yet but I have gone through a few.  Here are my favorite from one of my FAVORITE designers Peter Som.

and by a few I mean A LOT.  I especially love the gowns. They are so gorgeous!!!

Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks/trends from Fashion Week!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Most Valuable Blogger!!!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for me on DFW CBS Most Valuable Blogger!! I would SO appreciate your vote! For some reason the website goes really slow on my computer and I actually accidentally voted for someone else this morning..... ughghghg.  I know... so VOTE!!!

anddddd Happy Fashion's Night Out!!!! I hope everyone has fun tonight if your venturing out and about.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion's Night Out!!!

Get ready folks!!! Thursday is another Fashion's Night Out for all you fashionistas out there... {or just someone who is ready for a really good party}.  For those of you unaware Fashion's Night Out was started by Vogue genius Anna Wintour in 2009 to jump start the economy.  It's an after hours event for which the proceeds go to charitable causes and just a general get people shopping again logic.  My goal is to be in NY next year for the big event.  However, it has spread across the country and world with 27 cities in the US and 15 cities across the world.  This is only registered events as I can only imagine most of the parties are not actually registered through FNO.  You can get your very own TShirt at Nieman Marcus or Neimans online. {better hurry... it's tomorrow!}.

Anna Wintour

Anyway, I am venturing out with my friend Jana {you remember, Gameday Cloth owner}, and we are still in talks about what we are going to do for the big night. Here are the options so far if you are in Dallas. {Kansas City friends, you better be going to the Plaza! I hear that's where the party is happening.}.

Highland Park Village is hosting 2 fashion shows styled by Jan Strimple who is the Dallas Fashion Show lady {that's what I call her anyway...}.  One at 7pm and one at 9pm, both with different designers so be sure to stick around!  She is not only styling these but also the fashion shows at the Galleria... busy lady.  All of the shops around will also have their own special cocktails, sales, hors d'oeuvres, and special guests.

As I said the Galleria is hosting the longest runway in Texas {or was it the country? I don't know why Texas feels like the longest/biggest makes it anything special..... that is an annoying Texas habit I will never understand}.  Anyway, they also have the Dallas group founded by Heidi Dillon the Fashionista's lounge party. I believe it starts out as private {which actually technically means it is NOT FNO registered} and then becomes public at one point. 

FNO TShirt available at Nieman Marcus

Next is Northpark.  Neiman Marcus at NP is hosting a blogger event with 3 of the most popular bloggers in the city.  Again, stores all over will be hosting their very own parties so venture out and see what everyone is offering!!

I personally feel that the weather has been so amazing I am leaning toward Highland Park Village... plus there isn't a better place to shop in Dallas if you have the money than HPV {if only there was a JCrew it would literally be heaven...}.

Go get your fashion on!! Put on a ridiculous dress you'd probably never wear, or silk bright pants {possibly what I plan on wearing...} and go mingle with the fashionista's around your town!  I would love to know what you all are doing tomorrow night!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures of Jana and I's happenings to share with you :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Issues :: Part II

Hola fashion senoritas! I told you I was going to take over with posts this week to make up for last week! That might mean 2 a days... yikes... yep 2 a days.

So here we are {2 weeks later? oops...} to the September Issues Second Edition.  This will be lengthy so lets just get started.... you know what we are doing here.

Marie Claire

One of Marie Claire's {thank you Nina Garcia} first big trends is sequins and paillettes galore!! From the cutest cardigans {Malene Birger at the Wardrobe}, dresses {Prada}, and cute clutches {Fendi}.  The trick to the trend is knowing what to pair it with.  If you do a great sequined tank for day, pair it with a great pair of simple trousers and a soft cardigan. 

Southwestern influences are all over the pages of Marie Claire {and the runways!}.  Isabel Marant had strong influences as well as Derek Lam.  An easy way to get away with this and not looking like a costume is to add jewelry with arrows on it.  Also, an easy tan bag such as the basic Mulberry style are perfect and incredibly classic. 

One of the BIGGEST trends for fall is COLOR!!  Usually for fall you see the usual tans, blacks, winter whites, etc, this season is the exception!  Pops of berry colors, cobalt's, emerald, and violet. This is not just an accessory trend, this is pants, tops, jackets, anything you can get your hands on that is a bright pop of color with instantly bring you into fall.


The first main thing that InStyle shoots out to is bright colored pants.  Yep folks, bright colored pants! I jumped on this trend about 8 months ago, grabbing any kind I could find.  People said I was nuts... but I will now be wearing my cobalt and violet colored pants paired with heels and a blazer PROUDLY {not that I wouldn't have before...}. A great inexpensive pair is from Asos.com for $80.  You can also get some from Magaschoni and 3.1 Phillip Lim if you want a pricier version.

Another big trend they talk about is the 50's - 60's ladylike "buttoned up" trend shown by Bottega Veneta on the runway.  This goes along with the tie blouse that you can literally get ANYWHERE this fall.  Loft by Ann Taylor as a great version for $50. Tweed blazers/jackets also work well with this trend.  It's so classic and easy anyone of any age can really get behind this. 

They go on to talk about how to do color for fall.  Denim in bright colors is still really relevant so don't store the ones you already bought for Spring/Summer. Faux fur is another trend, well fur is a trend but for most of us that translate to faux.  There are so many options that look/feel real and are really affordable!  Chunky knits are another trend that has been almost everywhere!  For a more fashion forward look pair it with a floral wispy maxi skirt, or if you're more tailored pair it with a great pair of khaki's.

I like InStyle because they put together really good outfits that you can copy/edit to your own liking.  I of course die over Vogue every month but for anyone who has trouble translating the runway to real life this is the magazine you should be picking up every month.  They also show you affordable alternatives, not just the high end designers so they rest of us can afford them. 

Ok... {if you got this far!} I am off to watch the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project!!! Oh and then do my fantasy football draft {yep you heard right....} with a group of my girl friends... this should get interesting...


College Football!!! What to Wear...

Sorry for the GIANT delay in posts.  It's been a busy week! I will make up for the lack of posts this week though! {Also, voting for MVBlogger ends this Friday so VOTE VOTE VOTE!}

I love College Football.  You may think that doesn't go with my whole persona but pretty much any girl who went to Kansas State feels the same {hey... we will be back on top someday}.  Even if we don't all know exactly what is going on or all the players names we enjoy our football in the Midwest.  From what I've seen so far the south does too.  My brother recently told me that after moving to DC he realized how much he under-credited me for my girl football knowledge. I don't think he knew it but that was one of the biggest compliments he has EVER given me, even if it probably stemmed from an annoying girl asking him a lot of dumb questions during a game.  I will take it!

So ramble ramble ramble... the point of this post is that we are no longer in college {I know... choke back those tears}.  Which means that you should no longer be wearing your sorority shirt to the tailgate or the bar to watch the game.  There are SO many better alternatives out there.  If you live in the DFW area you should know about Gameday Cloth in Plano.  It was created on this thought exactly.  It's stocked with vintage inspired soft, creative shirts, tanks, dresses, etc from schools all over the country {and pro teams, mostly Texas}. 

Here are some of my favorites from the website {you can order online!!}.

Obviously these are all my favorites! I already own the bottom one and own the short sleeve version of the black one.  I plan on owning the tank version as well though! They are amazingly soft, I wear them to bed quite often in the off season.

Want to be even more discreet?  Wear one of these solid color dresses by Tru Colors.  All available at Gameday Cloth and all on sale at the moment!

Here are a few of my favorites from other teams... although I don't support the teams if you do you should try one of these!! {There are a ton more teams in store and online if you don't see yours represented!}

Go see my friends Jana {who owns this amazing store} or Nicole at Gameday Cloth! Remember you can order online or by calling these lovely ladies and letting them help you if you don't live in the DFW area!