Friday, February 22, 2013

Gilt City :: Warehouse Sale!

I have spoken to a few people recently who don't know what Gilt is. I'm sure my jaw hits the floor... it's the best thing in flash sales that's ever happened.

On top of that Gilt City caters closer to home. If you're actually going to be in town tomorrow it's not too late to buy a ticket to the Warehouse Sale.  I'm going tonight to preview/buy all the best things but whatevers left you should go check out tomorrow! You can buy shoes, clothes, handbags, etc etc etc at up to 90% off retail... yes I said it... 90%.  If that didn't blow your mind then I don't know what would... mind. blown.

You don't have to be in Dallas either.  If you have a Gilt City you probably have a Warehouse Sale happening near you too. Don't miss out.

Hopefully the sale doesn't disappoint but I doubt it will.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day... Or Independence Day?

Well the day is upon us. Tomorrow is the day that single people hate and people in relationships love.  I made the mistake of saying "I hate Valentine's Day" this weekend. It's partly true. I do hate it, of course I hate it. I'm single and don't plan on a boy sending me flowers or anything else tomorrow. That's why girls hate Valentine's Day, because they've been let down by it over and over again.  

I hope to one day not be terrified of tomorrow.  Terrified to already be aware that I may cry at something really dumb, or get unnecessarily mad at the girl next to me who will inevitably get at least 3 sets of flowers.  Someday I will love Valentine's Day, just not this year.

Instead this is what I plan to print out and put on my desk as a reminder all day...

So, I give you this post not to depress you but for all of the girls, like me, who will be alone tomorrow night with a bottle of wine. Just remember, your coworker may be getting flowers from her boyfriend, but that does not mean she's happy in life. At least we are single and don't have to set ourselves up for something we know will let us down.  If anything comes out of tomorrow it will be unexpected and exciting.  

I may not break my 5 years of NO flowers streak tomorrow but at least I know what I'm in for.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beats to Jam to :: Sauce

I went to the G. Love & the Special Sauce concert Thursday night at the Granada Theater in Dallas.  He's always been one of my favorites. I have a picture with him from a couple summers back when he opened for Jack Johnson but... alas I have no clue where it went. Anyway, the concert, as all of his are, was amazing! If you ever get the chance he puts on a great show that is seriously fun for the whole crowd whether you've heard of him or not.  

So, I went with someone who I know but not extremely well.  While at the concert I realized that I have very strong opinions about things. Some of you who know me well are probably laughing or rolling your eyes but I don't know if it was the music or getting smells of a certain something every once in a while but the whole experience proved to be an enlightening one for me.

So I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. If I say "I don't care" it's because I honestly don't care, and when I don't care it's going to be really hard to get me to make the decision.  I can't even pinpoint what I have strong opinions about but every once in a while a conversation would come up that I didn't even realize I felt so strongly about.

In an email chain about that baby that gets woken up by his "favorite song" I didn't realize my response was so strong. My friend wrote back "I didn't realize you had so much hostility toward Gangnam style Molly..". I knew I hated that song but you're right... hostility is probably the right word.  Who has hostility toward a song? Someone with very strong opinions about very weird things.

So, yes this is the most random post you may ever read but I leave you with G. Love & the Special Sauce live... tell me you don't want to see him!

If you can't handle the 10 minute video I understand.  I have to admit his performance of this song was 10 times more energetic and fun Thursday night.  Either way you have to admit he's insanely talented {and insanely attractive... am I alone there?}.  Swear and Shake opened for him and are now also on my Spotify so check them out too.

While the rest of Dallas grills outside with country playing, G. Love is my go to for summer outdoor drinking activities. I have several other concerts lined up for this Spring so check back for some more enlightening experiences....


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Times a Lady :: Event/Contest

Well I have finally recovered from my weekend in Nashville with 11 of the best friends a girl could ask for.  More on it later but for now I have exciting news! I will be hosting an event on February 12th called 20 Times a Lady at Castle Nail Salon in Mockingbird Station!  Tickets sold out literally 5 minutes after they announced it... I was floored... and so excited! 

Mostly I'm excited because all proceeds go towards the Genesis Women's Shelter which is close to my heart. I have had the pleasure of listening to Jan Edgar Langbein, the Executive Director of the organization, speak at a Junior League meeting. This may sound weird but she stole my heart. She made everyone laugh so hard they were crying at some points and then she just flat out had everyone crying at another. She held the attention of the room in the palm of her hand and made me realize I wanted to help... and be EXACTLY LIKE HER when I finally grow up.

I know I said it was sold out BUT I have a free ticket for YOU.  It's for a mani and a pedi, paired with some bubbly and is 2 days before Valentines Day so perfect timing right?!

  Yes, you may have guessed I am basically boycotting Valentine's Day this year.  I have offered to babysit my sisters dog Potter while they are in Colorado in the mountains for the weekend. Honestly... I can't think of a better fluffy man to spend Valentines Day with.  At least my nails will be pretty for Potter...

All you have to do to win the free ticket to next weeks shindig is either "LIKE" Pretty in Pink Style on Facebook and/or "FOLLOW" me on Twitter. THAT'S it! You get more entries for doing both and extra {2 more entries} for sharing my page or event on Facebook or Twitter. It's that easy! Contest ends this Sunday February 10th at 6pm.  I promise it will be a great time but more importantly it's about 24 girls, mani's, pedi's, and bubbly... so, who needs an excuse? 


Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Travel :: Sequins Galore...

I am off to Nashville this weekend with 11 of my closest friends! My pledge class has started a tradition of picking a fun place and all going over a long weekend.  This is the 2nd year and I couldn't be happier we have kept to it up so far!  There is no way it won't be fun... even if we didn't leave the condo's it would be a blast, no doubt.

There will be no packing post... it was a disaster I don't really want to talk about. Somehow I fit 6 pairs of pants, 5 blazers/jackets, 9 shirts, pajamas, and 2 pairs of ankle boots in my bag. Will I have anything that goes together? Considering that 2 of the 6 pairs of pants are snake print, 2 are leather/coated, and I'm wearing a pink/turquoise print one right now... Oh and most of my tops and blazers have some kind of sequins on them.... I mean... your guess is as good as mine. This could be a fashion disaster....

While on a date {a few weeks ago} the guy actually said to me "I mean, New Years Eve is just an excuse for girls to wear sequins... no one wears sequins outside of that night." I gently told him that was false... I wore an entire sequin shirt to work last week... and wear sequin booties at least twice a week... to work.  Suffice it to say it didn't work out...

So in light of my ridiculous suitcase and sequins for daytime I leave you with this quote....

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend like I will! I will try to snap some pictures of my outfit attempts and hopeful successes!