Thursday, June 30, 2011

Office Spaces.

I have been working from home a lot lately, sitting at my dining room table, or my Pottery Barn desk my sister passed down to me. Which got me thinking about how wonderful it would be if I didn't live in this hamster box {although decorated lovely if I do say so myself} and had my very own room for an office!  I am sure most of you have played the game of what your dream house would look like {mine involves a VERY detailed, VERY large closet. "Southern Boy's" involves VERY detailed decks and porches}.  Recently however I have been dreaming up a glamorous, yet colorful place to work from.  Does anyone watch Bravo as much as I do? {Casey I know you do..} Million Dollar Decorators might be my favorite show of the moment {until Flipping Out is back of course}.  Mary McDonald created an office for one of her fashionable clients that immediately had me searching for my dream office.

First it should come as no surprise this all stems from Miranda's office in "The Devil Wears Prada".

This is Aerin Lauder's office. {heiress to the Estee Lauder thrown}.

Green's not my favorite color in the world, especially this particular color of green.  Change the walls to navy or royal blue and I think I would love this as a "practical" choice.

This is Michelle Smith, designer of "Milly"'s, office.  I would change the desk to something more of a statement, maybe big and white.  Also, I think a giant rug in a colorful print would make this more my style.

Gorgeous!  I love mirrored chests and side tables.  This would go perfectly on a side wall of the room.  I am currently searching for a side table for my bedroom I can actually afford. {which narrows down to Target who currently does not have one}

I have realized while doing this blog that I have very particular taste, much more particular then I thought.  I will have to build my dream office area because I couldn't find a picture that really did the image in my head justice.  Let me try to paint the picture for you; behind the desk would be a collage of pictures, vintage "Bazaar" and "Vogue" covers mixed with Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Greta Garbo {you get the idea} pictures in black and white.  I think the walls would be a dark royal blue, with a big white desk.  Two big comfy white chairs would sit in front of the desk that is covered in silver organization accents {pen holder, letter holder, etc} and beautiful pink hydrangeas and peonies would anchor each end{my favorite flowers if you hadn't noticed...}.  There would be a giant rug, maybe in a chevron print, not sure on the color, either grey or possibly some sort of pink color.  Well you get idea! :)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspired Style.

So, it's summer, which unfortunately means that Gossip Girl is not new for THREE WHOLE MONTHS {sigh}.  While I do understand most people are not concerned with this it greatly diminishes my inspiration for getting dressed in the morning.  I am going to spill a small secret here, my favorite website to see what some of the most influential celebs are wearing on a day to day basis is Star Style Inc.  The ones I always look at (possibly something else I shouldn't admit) are Blake Lively (one of my fav style influences, embarrassing pictures or not), Kate Moss, Sienna Miller (gorgeous!), Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen and Rachel Bilson (even watching old O.C. episodes as I type!). 

It's a great website because if you can weed out the Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus pictures (who cares what they are wearing?) then you can get some legitimate inspiration.  They even tell you who makes what they are wearing and where you can get your very own!  So, post-Gossip Girl season, here are some of the pictures that are inspiring me this summer.

Above Blake is taking a stroll through Monte Carlo, France.  Here's where you have to figure out what celebs wear that will work for you.  Obviously most of us aren't strolling the streets of France in our 5 inch Louboutin's and Chanel bag.  Take a cue from Blake and wear an all neutral outfit.  Tan shorts with a silk flowy top in a similar color paired with neutral colored wedges or flats makes the same statement. 

Olivia Palermo is one of my biggest style icons.  I know what you're thinking, "That b*#%h from 'The City!?'".  She may not be every one's favorite but she will probably always be a style icon of mine.  I love the above look!  It's safe to say that during June in Texas this is NOT practical.  However, maxi skirts have taken over and pairing them with a cute tank and sandals is an easy way to copy her look.  Also, a great summer bag in straw or raffia adds a fun pop.  ( has some of the VERY best around; post to follow.)

Lauren Conrad is another one that I will admit, I love.  I can't believe I just said that, but she's so sweet and (usually) dresses like a real person so she's great to get inspired by.  Flare or bell-bottom jeans are another extremely easy trend to get behind.  They are so flattering and so comfortable! Wear with tall heels or wedges for the most flattering look.

Another "LC" look.  A short flirty skirt is a great 'night out' choice!  Just make sure if you are sporting a super short skirt that you cover up on top more to balance it out.

Just a few to spark your interest! Some days/nights while getting ready I will peruse the sight for ideas on what to wear for the occasion.  Another great idea; while looking through magazines tear out pages of things that "speak" to you, or a trend you'd love to try.  I have a bulletin board in my bedroom full of rotating magazine clippings for my current mood/the current season.  If you don't want a whole "inspiration board" in your bedroom try putting clippings in a folder and getting out whenever you need help, or are shopping for something new and fun!

See my current inspiration board below!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Beach Dream House


Since tomorrow is OFFICIALLY Summer I thought it would be fun to post about the Beach House that lives in my head.  Actually, the decor of this house is not beach house specific, I want my actual house to be decorated the same way.  When I say actual house I mean my grown up, married with children, dream closet, dream kitchen, dream of all dreams house. As I mentioned I love seashells, so the theme should be no surprise.  I've found my absolute favorite colors to decorate with are navy blues, whites, greys, splashes of yellow, and as much pink as I can throw in without making my apartment (you remember... the hamster box) look like it's a 13-year-old's bedroom.  Whoever ends up putting up with me long enough to marry me probably won't want pink flowers crowding around the house so I am trying to get this out of my system while I have the chance. 

These are some of the pictures I found that look the most like the pictures in my head.  Hopefully these inspire the "Beach House" decorating in you this summer!

As I mentioned I love decorating with white, and I love this gorgeous sitting area, however I would probably put blue or pink peonies in the vase instead to add a fun pop of color.  I'd also add more coffee table books, and ones with more colorful covers/spines.
What a beautiful room to have a dinner party! If you had a view like that I think you'd be obligated to dine there at least once a week!  Again, I'd add a little more color, probably blue candles or pillows with fun blue/white prints on them instead of these.

Such a pretty kitchen! I'm conflicted on whether I want a modern kitchen or a cute country cottage kitchen such as this.  I hate to be a broken record but I would AGAIN add pink or maybe yellow peonies or hydrangeas. I also wouldn't have those chairs, probably something with a fabric bottom so I could change the print whenever I wanted a little update.

This combined with the above kitchen (again, not sure in what way) would probably be my dream kitchen! Like I said though, this is the part of the house that I am most conflicted on what it is I want.

I bet you can guess what I'd change in this room!  Colorful coffee table books and bright flowers it is! Also, changing the nobs on the drawers on the coffee table is a really easy way to update a piece of furniture on a budget.  Pink flowers were my recent choice for the armourer my sister (thank you!) let me borrow from her.

I am not sure how I feel about the "infinite" clear chairs. I would also change the logs in the faux fireplace to candles in different height variations.

So pretty!  I would love to have this picture hanging in my "dream" closet.  Don't worry, future post about this, it's the one room in my house that I know EXACTLY what it will look like.

This is probably too modern to go with the rest of the images in this post but isn't it pretty? Maybe this will be more how my 3rd house (after the main one and beach house) would be.

I would love to read a book on this chase! I also own that grey and yellow pillow which excited me!  It's from Target so it was probably $20.

Get out of town with this bathroom! I have seriously never seen a prettier one! The problem is I'd live in that tube, with candles, magazines, etc.  Seriously I doubt I'd have any reason to get out.  If only laptops were water proof....

Happy Summer!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I. Want. This.

So I mentioned in my last post that I have several 'obsessions' on a day to day basis.  Here is one I have been drooling over since I saw it in an issue of Lucky Magazine a couple months ago.

You can get your very own "Gold Coast" Kate Spade bag (although I'd be INCREDIBLY jealous) by clicking here.  Where as before it was a figment of my imagination and I never thought I would own this beautiful bag she is now 50% off at  I went immediately to the Kate Spade store in Northpark when I saw this.  I figured I should know what I'm getting since I still hadn't seen this bag in person yet.  The sales girl told me this was exclusive for online and nordstrom (although I could not find it anywhere here).  They did however have the black version (why on earth would you get black when you can have this gorgeous pink color?!) So alas... I am left drooling and being very tempted to pull the trigger on her. I will keep you posted on whether this happens or not....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seashells Galore!!

For some reason I have formed a new obsession... seashells!  You will soon learn that I have many obsessions however something this specific usually only comes in the form of OWLS for me.  Yes, I said it.  I have an owl obsession.  It isn't narrowed down to jewelry, it comes in all forms.  Home decor, apparel, stationary, bedding, I mean seriously throw an owl on something and I'm probably going to love it.  Which brings me to your next questions... yes I am a Chi O. 

However, this post isn't about Owls.  Since that obsession will be around for the rest of my lifetime I will have plenty of time to bore you with them.  I am focusing this post on Seashells.  I'm not sure how it started.  I'm sure it formed from my nautical style and love of east coast shabby chic beach decorating. Whatever the reason it's getting out of control.  First of all... this piece of AMAZING jewelry will be in my possession tomorrow morning, and will be worn with every summer dress I own.  A friend of mine owns the jewelry line M Elizabeth Designs and most of her pieces I fall in love with immediately.  However I haven't had this reaction to a gorgeous piece of jewelry since ... well since I have a giant lack of diamonds in my life possibly never.  It's not even on her website yet but join her facebook page here or check out her website for your own magical piece of heaven. 

The next, it may come as no surprise is in the form of an owl.  Yes I said it... try to control yourselves. At a store in Norman, Oklahoma called Antique Garden I found the most amazing thing I've seen this year.  Antique Garden is one of those amazing stores where you can ALWAYS find a treasure, mine usually come in the form of owls but they have adorable quirky home decor pieces and cute affordable apparel.  Anyway, I was looking for a wedding gift for a friend while browsing around and ran into this little lady.  I then found out she was one of a kind and only $19!! My reaction exactly!! SHUT UP! Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? I wish the picture did the little guy justice....

The rest are a little random and not as close to my heart.  This one is in my bathroom, the seashell is from Urban Outfitters about 2 years ago.

notice inside the vase next to the adorable owl... they are taking over!