Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoe obsession... JCrew

JCrew as I have mentioned is close to my end all be all {as in I could wear JCrew every single day and I'd be a happy camper}.  They have cute cute little flats but I've never been crazy about the heels.  I like my heels high and statement making.  They used to be mostly small heel for the working girl {like office worker... not like the movie} which is not my thing.  Again, even in an office I like my 4inch heels.  Well... while browsing Northpark for finishing touches to mine and Southern Boys Halloween costumes {hopeful post to follow!! You will NEVER guess what I am going to be... just kidding... it's so obvious my sister said "You haven't been that before?"} ANYWAY I ran into JCrew and.... fell... in.... love...

They are SO cute! Of course if I could I would make the heel an inch higher but I'd probably wear theses everyday.  they are AMAZING!  They remind me of these Louis Vuitton's I died over Fall 2010....

They aren't quite as faint worthy as the Louis but they are pretty major.

While I'm at it I had to share these glittery loafers {yes... GLITTERY LOAFERS!} from JCrew as well... {sigh...}

I apologize YET again for the lack of posts.... ugh... hopefully I will get better soon!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rando... Deliciouso

Ok... this is a random post.  I am not a big food endorser... I mean... I LOVE food.  More than you would probably think... I eat A LOT but obviously this blog is not surrounded around cooking/food. However I can't keep this to myself... it's TOO amazing.

After a particularly hard yoga class last night I tried to make it to the grocery store.  For anyone that does yoga you might be able to appreciate the lethargic feeling you get after a class... especially one from Stephanie at Karmany Yoga {drop 5lbs one class... seriously.}.  Anyway, {sorry I get off track so easily...} I was lethargically driving toward what I thought was Kroger... nope I went to Whole Foods.  Oops... oh well, I was getting mushrooms, tortillas, and salsa so this should be fine.  I realized by the milk, I needed milk.  So this is what I grabbed:

Now, I have had coconut milk before.  I actually prefer it, but I saw this unsweetened version that is only 50 CALORIES a serving and I was sold.  I did assume it was going to taste pretty watery but oh well... lets try it out.

HOLY SHIT!! The name is no lie.. it is SO DELICIOUS {sorry if you just gagged a little there... I did too}.  I have almost finished every box of cereal I had in my apartment. It's AMAZING!! So yummy....

Now I have something else to admit {sorry family...}.  My family does something gross... when we run out of milk we use half and half in our cereal, not just because "oh... I just really want a bowl of cereal."  More like "YES.. the milks out so I can use half and half and not feel like a disgusting human being for it!".  Well folks... this is just as good and you don't have to feel guilty about it!!  Trust me... I eat a lot of cereal {another product I thought about selling to you... Special K Cinnamon Pecan... I went through 2 boxes in one week and have banned myself from it.. it's pure heaven.  Wait... what do you think they would taste like together? O.M.G....}.

Ok for anyway that actually got through this post {mom, dad, southern boy... thank you!}... I will try to do something less random next time... but I couldn't help myself.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Navajo Obsessed

I never thought this would be a bandwagon I'd jump on... but I'm on it. 

I am literally having a panic attack over this skirt.  I NEED IT. I would most likely wear it every day.  I found this little nugget on Pinterest unfortunately so I don't know where it came from... one of the only annoying things about the time sucking website.

If I had this dress I would be a flapper for Halloween. Again... Pinterest...

I know this might be a loose interpretation but this might be as close to I get.  This one is from Forever 21, which means it's cheap but you only get to wear it twice before it unravels all over the floor.

These little cuties are from Urban Outfitters. Knit shorts with tights and flat boots is an easy weekend outfit.


Sorry if this was brief... I am watching Gossip Girl which usually grabs most of my attention...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Magical Dream Closet :: Sigh...

Alright folks.  I am ready for my first DREAM CLOSET post.  Yes I said first... this is probably going to be a pretty normal post.

I have been dreaming of a closet that would let me spread out probably my whole life.  There is a VERY specific view in my head... I wish I could find something similar but I've never seen one quite like it, even in pictures.  This is more than a closet, this is an extension of my room. 

I want it to basically be a large room with the walls full of storage {mostly racks for clothes for also some built in dresser drawers as well}.  Then a large center island with drawers, cabinets etc for jewelry, sunglasses, etc.  This is a perfect shoe wall!

This is slightly more realistic actually but I for sure want a seating area.  In the island I also want a mini fridge and a wine fridge for beverages to get ready.  Also (maybe on another wall) a sink with a really badass coffee maker.

I love the idea of placing things in a decorative way.

I could fill this...

Also want a vanity area with a really pretty mirror {I bet you could of guessed but there will be pink and white peonies EVERYWHERE in this closet}.  I also want a chaise lounge with a throw blanket draped over the top when dressing just becomes too much... {hah}

Do I have to say anything? This would be PERFECT.

I do like this idea too.. maybe you could fit more racks of clothes if they were like this.

LOVE the idea of framing bags from high end stores to use as art work!! I will be copying this as soon as I have a real closet to work with.

I hope you're as inspired as I am now to dress like Rachel Zoe tomorrow morning! {watching the new episode as we speak... oh to have her life}.


Monday, October 10, 2011

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!! (and NYC here I come!!)

My birthday is in 6 hours!! Whoop!! And in a little over that I will be on a plane to my favorite city in the world... New York!  I couldn't be any more excited.  I haven't seen my friend Morgan in over 3 years so I am incrediably anxious for her to get there too! Not to mention Elise who is so wonderfully letting us shack it up with her, and my brother who is taking a train from D.C. Saturday morning!  It's safe to say I will be out of commission this weekend but will be back with an update on my trip on Monday.

I hope your weekend is as magical as I plan on mine being :) {yes I said magical... judge me.}


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hamster Box ReDo

Hello Lovely Blog Readers!!

So I don't know about you but I can't get away from Pinterest.  If you're not familiar you should take a look.  It's like the inspiration board in my room, except on my computer, and for every thing in your life.  Food? Done. Home Decor? Done. Favorite Places? Done. Fashion? Of course. It's heaven and will suck you in for HOURS so beware.

Anyway while rummaging through pictures on Pinterest {duh} I couldn't stop thinking of ways to redo my hamster box.  Here are some things I am thinking.... {not to mention trying to find a different way to have my furniture which doesn't seem will happen...}.

I have a blue chair this shape in my room.  I have been throwing around the idea of recovering it but I can't decide on a fabric.  This might have to be it! I have been looking at this print in a navy/white combo but I think that's too much considering I have pink print pillows on my bed and different colors everywhere.  I think this would be nice and soothing!

I have this brown coffee table in my living room {side note: aside from the side tables EVERY actual piece of furniture in my apartment is a hand me down... score yes... random of course}. I couldn't decide what color to paint it but I love the idea of putting wall paper on the top and then put a glass top on it.  Again this brings up the problem... what print?! Something simple...

This is REALLY REALLY weird... {my mom can testify to what I'm about to say... and sisters. If anyone has figured out how to comment this might be the time...}. I LITERALLY have these dressers in my bedroom.  Well I have one that is long and one that is tall but they are the same thing as the ones above.  I found this picture on a different blog and have no idea which one now... which is annoying.  My dresser is white, with royal blue drawers, but same handle and same trim as the abover one.  They are close to 40 years old, they were literally in my sisters bedroom when my mom brought her home from the hospital {right?}. ANYWAY, again I couldn't decide what color to paint them... then I found this... DUH!! Dark navy with the gold accents is gorgeous and would go perfectly in my room.

Stay tuned for a DIY post on apartment changes!! {I mean don't hold your breath or anything... really...}.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Week Begins!

My birthday is on Friday of this week (YAHOO!). I am going to admit, I'm one of those extremely annoying people who LOVES my birthday no matter how old I get.  I don't require gifts, just the acknowledgement of my birthday {seriously}.  I credit my parents... even though we didn't really have big bday party's my parents always made sure to make us feel special ALL week long.  This now includes self-made birthday cards sent everyday of the week with pictures of young Molly.

So, tonight Southern Boy and I are going to our favorite Sushi place Sushi Zushi for a birthday dinner! I am going out of town Friday morning {NYC here I come!! Courtesy of Southern Boy... my bday present!} so we are celebrating early.  Here are some ideas for tonights outfit...

I have a teal Hunter Dixon silk shirt dress that I was thinking I could wear with my strappy pink heels to get the easy color block look.

I'm loving the shorts with a cardigan or blazer look lately.  I love the idea of putting it with a ruffle front top to make it sweet and preppy!

I love this outfit too.  I wish Dallas would cool down faster... this would probably be to hot for tonight but I love a good blazer with jeans!

Hmmm...  I wonder what I will wear??