Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Beach Dream House


Since tomorrow is OFFICIALLY Summer I thought it would be fun to post about the Beach House that lives in my head.  Actually, the decor of this house is not beach house specific, I want my actual house to be decorated the same way.  When I say actual house I mean my grown up, married with children, dream closet, dream kitchen, dream of all dreams house. As I mentioned I love seashells, so the theme should be no surprise.  I've found my absolute favorite colors to decorate with are navy blues, whites, greys, splashes of yellow, and as much pink as I can throw in without making my apartment (you remember... the hamster box) look like it's a 13-year-old's bedroom.  Whoever ends up putting up with me long enough to marry me probably won't want pink flowers crowding around the house so I am trying to get this out of my system while I have the chance. 

These are some of the pictures I found that look the most like the pictures in my head.  Hopefully these inspire the "Beach House" decorating in you this summer!

As I mentioned I love decorating with white, and I love this gorgeous sitting area, however I would probably put blue or pink peonies in the vase instead to add a fun pop of color.  I'd also add more coffee table books, and ones with more colorful covers/spines.
What a beautiful room to have a dinner party! If you had a view like that I think you'd be obligated to dine there at least once a week!  Again, I'd add a little more color, probably blue candles or pillows with fun blue/white prints on them instead of these.

Such a pretty kitchen! I'm conflicted on whether I want a modern kitchen or a cute country cottage kitchen such as this.  I hate to be a broken record but I would AGAIN add pink or maybe yellow peonies or hydrangeas. I also wouldn't have those chairs, probably something with a fabric bottom so I could change the print whenever I wanted a little update.

This combined with the above kitchen (again, not sure in what way) would probably be my dream kitchen! Like I said though, this is the part of the house that I am most conflicted on what it is I want.

I bet you can guess what I'd change in this room!  Colorful coffee table books and bright flowers it is! Also, changing the nobs on the drawers on the coffee table is a really easy way to update a piece of furniture on a budget.  Pink flowers were my recent choice for the armourer my sister (thank you!) let me borrow from her.

I am not sure how I feel about the "infinite" clear chairs. I would also change the logs in the faux fireplace to candles in different height variations.

So pretty!  I would love to have this picture hanging in my "dream" closet.  Don't worry, future post about this, it's the one room in my house that I know EXACTLY what it will look like.

This is probably too modern to go with the rest of the images in this post but isn't it pretty? Maybe this will be more how my 3rd house (after the main one and beach house) would be.

I would love to read a book on this chase! I also own that grey and yellow pillow which excited me!  It's from Target so it was probably $20.

Get out of town with this bathroom! I have seriously never seen a prettier one! The problem is I'd live in that tube, with candles, magazines, etc.  Seriously I doubt I'd have any reason to get out.  If only laptops were water proof....

Happy Summer!


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