Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspiration :: Color Combinations

I have been obsessed with combining lots of different colors in outfits and home decor lately.  The more the merrier... bring it on.

Here's a little bit of my day to day inspiration for Spring and just what generally is making me happy lately.

Dresses on top can be found here at Tibi.  The adorable girl in pink laughing is obviously the genius behind Atlantic-Pacific.  And the incredible picture of the painting was originally photographed for Barrie Benson here.

These are going to be the colors of my dreams tonight! (as if they weren't every night... seriously this is what my dreams look like. Aren't you a teeny bit jealous?)


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  1. Maybe you should move back to Wichita and open a clothing boutique next to my flower studio :-) Then you could have flowers around you all the time! Love your blog, keep it up!