Saturday, July 30, 2011

Share the Love

I know I said I wouldn't post the rest of the weekend but this one just came to me! {to be fair it came to me yesterday and I scheduled it to post today :)}  I was perusing my favorite blogs today and came across the idea of doing a "top things I liked from other blogs" probably monthly or weekly or something post.  It's basically just pictures that inspired me or made me happy or made me think of something.  So here's the first "Share the Love" Post! I narrowed down to three blogs I read on a very regular bases but couldn't narrow down which pictures to share so there's a few of each! Enjoy!

First up is The Sartorialist which is by far one of my favorite blogs for style inspiration!  All of these pictures came from different posts.  She mostly does street style posts from Milan, Paris, New York, a little LA.  Here are a few of my favorite looks she's had recently!

I love this first one! It's a perfect pre-fall outfit. So sleek and preppy and I have been loving the top knot she's rocking lately!

I love the scarf wrapped around her wrist.  She just looks so glam.  All white is always a great statement.

 I mean come on.  Such an easy yet beautiful dress for the ridiculous summer heat!

I love this little nook.  This is exactly where I would want to lounge to blog, read a book or magazine, or just chat on the phone with someone.

Ok, if you have read my "About Me" you noticed I like to hoard magazines.  The problem is I only have a small built in book case in the corner of my living room.  I would love a bigger one like this for my favorite books and my stacks and stacks of Vogue, Bazaar, InStyle, W, etc!

These shoes are from Chloe's 2005 runway show that she recently blogged about.  I. WANT. THEM. NOW. Both pairs... they are amazing.

Last but not least is Design Darling.

As those of you who know me well know this quote could not be more perfect for my current situation!! I LOVE IT! I think I want it framed and put in my bathroom so that I never forget this.

Ok, so I have yet to do the "dream closet" post.  It is probably going to take me a month to prepare it but this is one of the things I have ALWAYS wanted in it.  Something similar to this picture but of my own wedding dress {when this happens} hanging with the light hitting it perfectly.  I then want to put it in a big beautiful frame and it will be my main art work in my closet {did I mention this closet is probably the size of a normal living room? Hey... don't judge I said DREAM closet}. I mean you only get to wear it once {which is SUCH a shame....} so why not at least get to admire it every day after the fact?

Take us away Miranda Kerr! I doubt I have to explain what I love about this....


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