Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Excitement :: iPhone Cover

Ok, so I haven't done it yet and I am sure my friends are REALLY sick of hearing me say "Maybe this week I'll get an iPhone?" Considering I have said it for the last 6 weeks... but really I feel it, this is the week!  I told someone the other day that the most exciting part was picking which cute case I am going to get.  I don't know how I'll decide but then I realized I can get A LOT of them and match them to my outfits! {insert your eye roll here}. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes too, or just gave me a weird look and laughed at me like she usually does when I say ridiculous things.

Well, in preparation for the big event {shhh don't tell the Blackberry, she'll get moody}, I am in a deep search for the perfect first case.

Here are the front runners... what do you think?

I can't decide.  I also need a laptop case too... Kate Spade has matching ones.  Ugh... decisions decisions... More then one is a must!



  1. Actually I think I've decided. JCrew Anchors and Kate Spade girl laying out will be a combo pack of my first 2. Perfect for Summer.

  2. I probably could've guessed those were your 2 favorites too! :)