Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Collaboration :: Versace for H&M

Versace releases their collection for H&M on November 19th to patiently waiting souls.  They also had a fashion show in New York to build up the excitement. Blake Lively was there and looked AMAZING in her Versace for H&M dress.  Now I am going to be honest.  I was a little judgemental about this whole thing.  There is a fine line between something like Versace going either extreme glam or extreme trash in a deal like this.  At first I looked at the runway pictures here and hated it, I actually wrote this whole intro still thinking I hated the whole thing and bashing it.  However, I then looked at the actual pieces for sale and decided to change my tune.  I do still hate the prints and all those stupid pants {and this is coming from someone who likes weird pants...} but in the essence of being positive I picked the pieces I really TRULY like and would love to wear!

You have to see this one on the website it's much prettier! The gold really stands out and it's a little asymmetrical.  It would be a great holiday dress with tights, ankle boots, tons of gold chain necklaces, and a fabulous jacket.

Again, these pictures don't do these justice.  This one actually has a V dip in the back.  I love a good yellow dress, I'd wear this one in the spring actually to show off the back with tan strappy high heel sandals and a sleek ponytail.

I actually have a Mark and James dress that is similar to this one but the gold studs are just in rows.  I love that here it's in a design and especially love the necklace-esque way it rounds the collar.  This dress could easily go day or night.  Day - tights, knee high boots and a blazer for Fall and Night - black suede pumps, big gold earrings and an arm party of gold bangles.  I love this dress because it could go Spring or Fall REALLY easily as well... just throw on sandals and you're done for Spring.

To be honest this is my least favorite but I wanted to pick something a little different from the others.  This would be a great Holiday dress with black tights and black pumps as well. 

I'm interested to see what the turn out is on the day of.  On the website they already have a line/bracelet system for the first 280 people in line before the store opens.  That seems a little extreme to me but then again... maybe I'm wrong.  I would love to own either the yellow or pink dress above... enough to stand in line at a mall??


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