Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: The Man in Your Life Part 1

To kick off the holiday gift guide {unless you count my personal wish list which as you can see by clicking the "Holiday Gift Guide" icon to your right... I do.} I have the The Man Guide Part 1.   For the most part this is going to be a general, works for any man in your life {boyfriend, dad, brother, husband, etc}.  Also, I know you can't pigeon-hold them all into liking certain "man" things, so I have been asking advice to guys for this one, and that's why this is just Part 1... it's unclear how many parts this will consist of but I guess we will see.... I think ALL women would agree the more options you have for the man, the better.

First man stereotype..... {drum roll please...!!!....} the Outdoorsy Man.  This is the man in your life that likes to ski/snowboard everyday of the week, takes his dog any where he goes, drinks dark beer, and would rather... I don't know... jump off a ship into freezing water than actually shave his face.  This is an extreme... but it's more fun for me to make up this extreme stereotype then just say... here's your everyman gift guide {aka humor me}. I think  most things on here could still go for ANY man out there {hello sports tickets to his favorite team??} or at least spark a new idea in your head.

Patagonia jacket... duh.  Most guys I know would always take another fleece jacket. I am also not going to pretend like I know anything about the snowboard helmet... that might be the worst one on the market for all I know {I mean I doubt it is... it's from REI... but you get the point} Outdoor sports equipment for this man is always a no brainer, i.e., the fishing poll as well. 

This next little batch gets a little more creative, and I'm not going lie, I'm kind of excited about it. First off, I don't know who buys CDs anymore but if you do or could buy this on iTunes this is the perfect Christmas CD you can share with your guy that's not Michael Buble or Mariah Carey. {Oh but how I love a good "All I Want for Christmas is You".}  This Warm December, which is a compilation of all the Brushfire EP artists, has Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, G.Love {wait is this for me again?} plus more and no song screams "I'm a CHRISTMAS SONG!!!!" at you, which sometimes is nice. Another great gift for your Jack Johnson loving man, the Wolfgang Bloch coffee table book, or if funds allow an actual Wolfgang Bloch painting {you can email for a quote}.  For those unfamiliar Bloch is another in the pose of Jack Johnson, his are the paintings/photos on the screen during his concerts and are all serene beautiful pictures {good for a bachelor pad but also fits well in a married person house for later!}

This wireless boombox {stop... I'm not joking... it is LITERALLY called a boombox. Don't believe me? Click the link... see? Yep... instantly makes it awesome} is another duh... I should've thought of that man gift!  Hello, it's wireless! He can take it on all his camping/fishing trips and list to This Warm December on his IPod, IPhone, OR IPAD! I personally think that's pretty sweet.

Last but certainly not least... Tickets to see his FAVORITE team in action. Whether it's football, hockey, baseball, basketball, whatever. Buy him 2 tickets to see his favorite team in a big game {hello Cotton Bowl? Or UNC/Duke? Or... 2 other teams that don't like each other but are both ridiculously good in their respective sport?}.  You can be the judge as to whether you will take the 2nd ticket or suggest a friend in another city meet him there for a little man reunion!




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