Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nordstrom Love... Half yearly sale wants

It's the Nordstrom half yearly sale again and it has mostly occupied my day.  Once my friends emailed what they were looking at I couldn't stop looking online either.  Thanks ladies...

So here's what I'm lusting after...

Michael Kors ::

I love my gold watch from Michael Kors... however it's possible I'd love this one even more. Gold and Navy together in harmony... this one is down from $275 to $164.90.

I love this blazer!! Not to mention the fact that it would look amazing with the above watch.  This is by Lauren Conrad's line Paper Crown which I am admittedly in love with, judge away... I love it.  This blazer could be worn with so many different outfits.

I know it's a weird obsession but I LOVE jackets, blazers etc, not to mention a colorful print jacket/blazer {which is the weird part}.  This one is by Tucker which is in my top ten maybe top five designers I love.  How cute would this be with white skinny jeans and a black tie blouse? That's how it is in my head and it's adorable.

I am obsessed with sequins lately.  This would be perfect for a Christmas or New Years party!!

Sorry the exciting news wasn't announced today! I am waiting on a copy of the press release...... Hopefully tomorrow!!


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