Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Glitter Galore!!!

Whether you are going to the fanciest holiday party around or just want to jazz up your work attire there is no denying the power of a little {or a lot!} of sequin in your wardrobe.  It automatically makes your day a little brighter or your night more fun! Don't think you can pull off this stylish accent? You can!! Anyone on the planet can... from my 5 year old niece {who does it daily} to the grandma on Gossip Girl {just because CeCe is loaded does not mean you can't copy her amaze cardis}. See the proof below...

 I don't think I have to say anything about the dress, it's a no brainer! Holiday party here I come!  The cardigan and long sleeve shirt are simple ways to do sequin for day time. Pair the cardigan with a tie blouse in almost any color and you just walked off the pages of any winter ad.  Wear the long sleeve with skinny black jeans and pumps or wide leg khaki's for the office.

Again, do I have to talk about the sequin shoes?! Elaine Turner does sequin accessories better than anyone around and Elizabeth and Paige are no exception.  I have a pair of their sequin flats in silver and I wear them all the time, with black or color.  Spice up your LBD with the sequin pump or wear under wide leg trousers for just a little extra jazz during the day.

I AM OBSESSED with this clutch from ASOS!! They do such a good job on bags to make them look extremely expensive while keeping the price so any girl can carry it.  I would carry this bag every time I hit the town or went to dinner this winter.

Ok last but not least... the headbands... yeah yeah yeah I can hear you now.  "That's a little girls headband!" you would yell at me.  "No WAY am I wearing that on my head!!!" Well my friends... you should.  On Thanksgiving day we spent about 2 hours in my nieces bathroom doing her hair, the 2 year old's hair, and my sister Kelly's hair {oops... sorry Kelly... I slithered my way out of that one!}.  As they were pulling out accessories of Anna's collection {5 year old} I gasped when the gold bow headband was pulled out.  I immediately put it on and left it on most of the day... until my sister said "Your headband is blinding me...".  Oh well, I fell in love and asked Anna if I could "borrow" it for the Holiday's {sorry... you won't be getting it back..}. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and pair with a silk blouse and a lady like jacket or spice up an all over black outfit for a night on the town.  I will be wearing this headband many times in the coming weeks. {and hoping Anna will never remember it was in her collection....}  Maybe a "What I Wore" is in store to show you all how adorable it is...


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