Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blogger Heartsies :: Atlantic - Pacific

So I read a lot of blogs, and I swoon over other peoples outfits regularly. However, I usually don't swoon over every single outfit a blogger does unless that blogger is Atlantic-Pacific.  If you don't already read it... start IMMEDIATELY. She has flawless, impeccable style that I strive for. She's adorable, {i.e. she SMILES in her pics}, sometimes preppy, sometimes boho, ugh... I am having a major girl crush right now...

Here are some of my favorites to inspire you... I will be looking at every outfit she's ever worn to get inspired for my Turkey Day wear, even if I am positive my family will make fun of me for whatever it may be.

These were the only one the first 3 pages too...

Long story short if you need inspiration to dress like you OWN the place then blog stalk her... immediately.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! Enjoy and eat way way to much...


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