Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Wish List :: Part 1

While being out and about I can't help but mentally write things down on my Christams Wish List. Here are some of my top picks so far for my favorite time of the year!

Candles are ALWAYS good gifts. I personally love them and enjoy having a burning candle even if I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV and browsing the web. I also love that with just the lid off and not even lit you can smell the yumminess! 

Next, I have been looking for a planner/calender I really like!  Of course I stupidly always look for them this time of year which leaves me empty handed so I have put the Kate Spade Spiral desk calender on my list.  It's cute {essential for me to actually use one of these... trust me I've learned from school} and affordable! Unlike the Kate Spade Tudor I have been drooling over in either gold or pink {they call it Ringwald Pink... adorable!}, it's much pricier however you can get new inserts every year.  Since I change my mind often it's probably best to get the cheap one.

I have also been drooling over this jewelry armoire from Target for YEARS! Don't ask me why I haven't pulled the trigger yet... It disappeared for about a year and is now back.  It has plenty of room for all my jewelry to finally have a neat home. The lining inside is also pink so obviously I love that.

I wish I didn't keep say this... but the bowls... I have been eyeing them for about a year now.  Last year for Christmas my sweet dad gave me these great dark blue large plates and white small side plates from World Market. I love them but they need bowls to match.  The design of these bowls are perfect but I haven't been able to decide on the color! I think the taupe color would be the best but wouldn't it be fun to have another bright color? Oh the dilemmas of being an adult...

You've seen this clutch before here from me, and no I haven't stopped thinking about it.  It showed up in the Anthropologie catalog and it started my obsession all over again! I want the pink the stripe ASAP... I just know I would literally wear it everyday.

I would use this Longchamp bag daily. Yoga, computer bag, everyday carrying too much junk around.  It's the perfect size to be good for travel or overnight but also not so big that I wouldn't carry it to a lunch that I needed a little extra with me at.  I want all colors but I think the beige would be the best fit for me and my usually bright color wearing!

What's on your Christmas list this year?


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