Friday, July 29, 2011

Clutch Obsessed

I love clutches.  I think they have recently gone from just for evening to being very versatile! You can wear them during the day if you don't need your giant bag, going to lunch with the girls, brunch, a movie, bbq's, I mean the list goes on  and on!  Here are some of my favorites whether you are as ready for fall as I am {did I mention that??} or if you're still stuck in the sunny summer weather!


Elaine Turner is one of my favorite shoe and handbag designers ever!! First of all... her flats fit my weird shaped feet PERFECTLY and are SO comfortable not to mention the have adorable details {but I will save that for a different post..}.  Her bags are also amazing.  I have a clutch very similar to this one {Elaine Turner a couple years ago} and it is my go to clutch for Spring/Summer.  It's big enough to hold my keys, credit cards, phone, camera, and it's long enough to hold flip flops for a night your not sure where you'll end up or have to walk to! {it's come in handy on several occasions as I like to wear strappy 5 inch heels when it's inappropriate}. Plus the lining is pink on all her bags! Who doesn't love that?!

Next up is this Audra Reva Clutch from Tory Burch.  I think she does a really great job of doing neutral clutches.  This is a little spiced up version of one! Who doesn't love python?! You can wear this with literally anything as well, she has it available in tan, black all the boring colors too if you need to fill in that space in your closet. I just love this because it takes any outfit from normal to glammed up instantly!

Ok folks... I saved the BEST for last.  These are by Clare Vivier which is my new favorite handbag designer on the planet! {she's got a pretty great blog too!} I thank Sheridan over at The Southern Eclectic for introducing me to this ADORABLE little pouchette! {While you're there check out she's got a special place in my heart I may explain at a further date...}.This is my new MUST HAVE of every season... I plan on eventually owning the pink and the blue.  They are the PERFECT amount of color, perfect amount of stripe, it's just perfect.  It's the cutest thing I've seen in clutch form in a really long time... perfectly preppy!

Another by the very talented Clare Vivier.  A larger Foldover Clutch.  Isn't the contrast zipper detail amazing? These are probably more practical for me considering their size.  They range in like 15 colors so you can pick exactly which one works for you! I am thinking purple, pink, navy, royal.... hmmm I may need to narrow this down a tad.  The prices though for a leather clutch are RIDICULOUS! Most would be like $300 for something of this size so really I'm saving money right????? RIGHT???

Well I am off to Kansas City today to hang out with my lovely best friends for the weekend!! It is safe to say there will be no blogging while I'm gone but I promise to have a recap of the fun festivities on Monday!  I am going to work on my camera skills while there :)

xoxo and have a lovely weekend yourself!

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