Thursday, July 7, 2011

:: Nostalgia ::

A few weeks ago I made a trip back to Wichita, Kansas where my parents live.  My brother was in town from Washington D.C. for his 10 year high school reunion, so I came to see him.  Since he was car-less my mom and I dropped him off at the "Senior Citizen Center" in Towanda Kansas where the reunion was.  Yes, you read right.  We went to high school in a small town outside of Wichita called Towanda.  And yes, you read the other part right, the reunion was at the "Senior Citizen Center".  Since we had ventured all the way out to Towanda (about a 25 minute drive from my parents house in Wichita), we decided to take a nostalgic tour of the town, including our high school, which is appropriately named Circle (more on that later).  I, of course, took lots of pictures and thought I'd share a little about our experience there.

Notice the giant circular shapes it was built in? Guess why it was called Circle High School?

Our colors were blue and gold and we were the "Thunderbirds".

I should of taken a picture of the other side.  This is actually the updated football stands they built the summer before my Sophomore year. We spent many Friday nights here.

Anyone feel like you're in "Dazed and Confused" yet?

I took this picture through the window of the front entrance. This is what you see when you first walk in the front doors.  My favorite senior picture is in front of this and I am wearing my "FLY Girls" t-shirt.  The "FLY Girls" was a long running tradition that the senior girls would pass on to the junior girls year after year.  The senior group of girls would make t-shirts that said FLY Girls, usually tye-dyed.  I actually think that it stands for "Football Ladies Yelling".  Embarrassment, but we would wear them to all the football games. I will dig up the picture one of these days! 

Down this wonderful dirt road with the wheat field to the side of it was...

The "concrete pond" we called the Towanda City Pool where yours truly was a life guard for 3 summers in a row.

This is one of 2 stop signs in the town.  Sweet farm huh?



  1. There's way more stop signs by the way

  2. And I'm pretty sure that's corn in the field, not wheat.

  3. Hmm... I seem to remember you being the one who edited this post?

  4. Yea; Towanda actually has a four-way STOPLIGHT in the center of town; you would always have to stop whenever you were "draggin' Main Street"...

    Also, that lovely mosaic was made by (If I remember correctly, either the class of 1975 or 1976); my freshman art class had to make the mosaics BY HAND (and paint them too) in Mr. Williams' art class!!!