Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Next Target Collaboration? MISSONI!!!

I almost fell out of my chair while I was reading this in the August issue of "Vogue" I plucked out of my mailbox yesterday.  I was sitting outside in our joint courtyard and I'm SURE I made some sort of audible noises... but OMGOMGOMG.  You thought Calypso was exciting?? Get ready for Missoni at Target! They are working on FOUR HUNDRED different items (which seems cruel because I obviously can't buy 400..) ranging from table top, pillows, clothing (women, baby, men), bicycles, dinnerware, bedsheets, luggage... my hearts beating really fast... I'm not positive I'm breathing....

If you pick up a copy of this months Vogue, on new stands now, you can get a sneak peek of pillows, rugs, the bike (which is OMG amazing... I wish people in Dallas road bike's more... Maybe my brother can store it in DC and it will be what I ride when I visit? Sounds wonderful), and canisters.  I tried to take some pictures of the pictures in the magazine... no bueno. 

Here are some teaser pictures I found on Zimbio featuring the ever talented Margherita Missoni as their lovely model.  I still haven't started breathing again... Tonights mission: clean out my apartment and sell stuff so I can have a nice stash to take when it arrives.  It starts September 13th and goes til October 22nd - which means I know what all of you are getting me for my birthday - a Target gift card mmmmkay? Thanks :)

xoxo, (still not breathing properly....)

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