Wednesday, July 6, 2011

:: Paris Couture Fashion Week ::

Monday kicked off the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows, which means gorgeous gowns and whimsical outfits to drool over!! The most talked about has so far been Chanel although I have to admit, was slightly underwhelming.

Christian Dior was another that was in the spotlight, which was new head designer Bill Gaytten's first collection after taking over for John Galliano.  Although a very respected designer I have to agree with the review that read "what happens is a misjudged effort to impress an alien thumbprint on an aesthetic that, for better or worse, is one of the fashion industry's most clearly defined." I did like a few looks from his collection, which were all long flowy gowns of beautiful fabrics. What I did not like about the collection was the styling, it was a bit clownish, some of the models even looking a bit like drag queens.  So ignore that as you browse my favorites from the collection!

The one on the left is obviously the "drag queenish" one.  Imagine Blake Lively wearing this dress in Cannes with a gorgeous slightly undone up do.  In my head that looks stunning! The other I would wear in a SECOND, that is if I had some where to wear it... hmmm...

Beautiful fabric, colors, and draping!

Next up is Elie Saab, who usually goes over board in the Couture shows {although still amazing} with embellishments, stones, beading, etc.  He showed enough restraint and he hit the nail on the fashion head.  Each gown is more stunning then the next! As you can tell I had a hard time narrowing it down so there are more then usual.  It is quintessential Paris fashion at its best.  I've never wanted to be a princess more!! {Because I am sure that's the only way I'd be able to wear every single one of these, don't they lounge in their gorgeous castles in these kinds of dresses?} Imagine one of these gorgeous beauties as a wedding dress?! I can't even think straight right now...


Stay tuned for more from Paris fashion week...


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