Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dreaming of...

As I sit at Starbucks my computer freezes.... for 5 minutes... so I hold down the button and turn it off.  I then have to proceed to pat it in all the right places {you think I'm joking? This is a routine my friends... she's a tricky little b****}.  I try to start her a couple times... nope... she's not ready yet.  She wants a nap.  Ten minutes later she finally works.  However there are no tables so she is on my lap... do you know how HOT a computer bought in 2005 gets? Don't even bother telling me about the 112 degrees it is outside... it's 200 degrees on my legs.  So this is what I am dreaming about right now... {don't tell her... she will get angry and won't start for a month... don't laugh... this has happened before.}

I would be boldfaced lying if I said I wanted this computer for any other reason then the pink cover.  Which is why Southern Boy will have to accompany me when this next computer purchase finally happens.  So I don't leave with something silly, expensive, and pink... but how cute would she be on my lap at Starbucks?

Or maybe this?? I am dreaming now... but that was the point of this post wasn't it??


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