Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

This weekend I decided to FINALLY go to the Dallas Farmers Market.  I first tried to go to the one in West Village... no beuno.  It was no where to be found? So I went to the one near Deep Ellum instead.  Now I am going to preface this with the fact that my dream Saturday morning is walking through a cute little Farmers Market with friends, my mom, one of my sisters or Southern Boy.  There would be a little folksy band playing in the background, cute handmade jewelry and candles, and of course piles of gorgeously grown fruits and veggies. Lots of locally grown fresh flowers to take home and put in vases for the upcoming week.  Not to mention a stand with AMAZING tamales to take home for dinner that night.

INSTEAD, this is what I found.  Now from my pictures it looks fine.  I didn't take pictures of anything besides the veggies and fruit because the rest of it was VERY unappealing.  I felt like I was missing something? How does a city like Dallas NOT have a good farmers market!? I did leave with a basket of peaches and a package of chicken sausage.  I asked around and the only tamale maker (COME ON! We are in Dallas TEXAS) was a guy that made vegetarian (again COME ON.. we are in TEXAS?! Why are they VEGETARIAN?!) and apparently they stuck straight to the corn stalk and weren't good anyway.  So alas... I went home feeling very underwhelmed.

This was the musical entertainment.  I will give him credit... I know he doesn't look like it but he sounded like a legit country singer!

Well, I am off to Kansas on Thursday.  Since I know Wichita has a MUCH cuter Farmers Market maybe I will get my fill there (seriously Dallas? Wichita's farmers market is better then yours... how does that make you feel?!)

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