Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girl Crush 101 :: Late Afternoon

Ok, so I debated doing this post.  I went back and forth on it because one day at market one of my favorite cute buyers came in and after having a fun hour with her helping her buy for her boutique I sighed to the other girls I work with and said "Ugh, I love her... I have such a girl crush on her!".  Now I have used this phrase before and girls usually say "Oh yeah, for sure".  Not this time, one looked at me like I had 3 heads and the other laughed and asked if I wanted to date her.  No. I don't. I thought all girls were aware of what a girl crush was but I kind of stumbled over my words trying to explain it.  One said "I have NEVER had a girl crush on anyone" and the other said "Maybe I have and didn't know?".  Um, I question you both {sorry if you're reading}, I think you both have but are too uncomfortable to admit it.  Guys have guy crushes on guys all the time!! 

These girls obvi have a girl crush on each other.
I am mostly sad for girls that don't understand this concept.  It doesn't mean that I want to be someone else {ahem... it also doesn't mean I want to date her}, it means you get inspired by them, you like who they are, what they're about and what they stand for.  Mostly you just like their whole aura {yes hippie children, I am using aura here... it just feels right} It's all what they're about and maybe in the end you take a little from them, not to copy but from inspiration.

Anyway, I am starting a new series of posts called Girl Crush 101.  I am going to spotlight girls, mostly other bloggers... but if I can convince them I will spotlight some of my fabulously amazing friends as well.

First up I am going to do the adorable blogger Liz from Late Afternoon.  I chose her because she has a hippie streak I am so in awe of lately.  It's the perfect combo of girly, hippie, a little preppy, but all her own. I am admittedly girly and preppy and sometimes feel outside of my box dressed with a hippie flair.  However, lately I can't get enough of stalking these styles online!  Here are some of her recent looks that are my favorites and complete inspiration to me! 

Who doesn't want a picture like this with their friends? Emily, Kristen, Megan... can we do this at our lake house?

Again, so adorable.  {Monica, Casey, Moo, Morgan, Zuk... I'm thinking we do this pose at the next football game we all attend} Oh and that is not a maxi dress... it's a jumpsuit which made me do a little gasp.  I NEED IT!!!! {and someone to teach me how to braid my hair like that...}

So I hope I helped you all understand what I mean when I say Girl Crush now.  If not I may be in slight trouble...



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    1. Ditto! Glad you are your own woman! The friends will catch up with you one of these days!

  2. I think I have more girl crushes than boy crushes..... loving this idea!

  3. you're gonna make me be the awkward brunette in the background texting alone...aren't you?

  4. Make you? or will you be it on your own....?