Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspired Style.

So, it's summer, which unfortunately means that Gossip Girl is not new for THREE WHOLE MONTHS {sigh}.  While I do understand most people are not concerned with this it greatly diminishes my inspiration for getting dressed in the morning.  I am going to spill a small secret here, my favorite website to see what some of the most influential celebs are wearing on a day to day basis is Star Style Inc.  The ones I always look at (possibly something else I shouldn't admit) are Blake Lively (one of my fav style influences, embarrassing pictures or not), Kate Moss, Sienna Miller (gorgeous!), Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen and Rachel Bilson (even watching old O.C. episodes as I type!). 

It's a great website because if you can weed out the Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus pictures (who cares what they are wearing?) then you can get some legitimate inspiration.  They even tell you who makes what they are wearing and where you can get your very own!  So, post-Gossip Girl season, here are some of the pictures that are inspiring me this summer.

Above Blake is taking a stroll through Monte Carlo, France.  Here's where you have to figure out what celebs wear that will work for you.  Obviously most of us aren't strolling the streets of France in our 5 inch Louboutin's and Chanel bag.  Take a cue from Blake and wear an all neutral outfit.  Tan shorts with a silk flowy top in a similar color paired with neutral colored wedges or flats makes the same statement. 

Olivia Palermo is one of my biggest style icons.  I know what you're thinking, "That b*#%h from 'The City!?'".  She may not be every one's favorite but she will probably always be a style icon of mine.  I love the above look!  It's safe to say that during June in Texas this is NOT practical.  However, maxi skirts have taken over and pairing them with a cute tank and sandals is an easy way to copy her look.  Also, a great summer bag in straw or raffia adds a fun pop.  ( has some of the VERY best around; post to follow.)

Lauren Conrad is another one that I will admit, I love.  I can't believe I just said that, but she's so sweet and (usually) dresses like a real person so she's great to get inspired by.  Flare or bell-bottom jeans are another extremely easy trend to get behind.  They are so flattering and so comfortable! Wear with tall heels or wedges for the most flattering look.

Another "LC" look.  A short flirty skirt is a great 'night out' choice!  Just make sure if you are sporting a super short skirt that you cover up on top more to balance it out.

Just a few to spark your interest! Some days/nights while getting ready I will peruse the sight for ideas on what to wear for the occasion.  Another great idea; while looking through magazines tear out pages of things that "speak" to you, or a trend you'd love to try.  I have a bulletin board in my bedroom full of rotating magazine clippings for my current mood/the current season.  If you don't want a whole "inspiration board" in your bedroom try putting clippings in a folder and getting out whenever you need help, or are shopping for something new and fun!

See my current inspiration board below!



  1. A: I actually like your blog (shock! considering my fashion sense)
    B: I appreciate your "xoxo" at the end, Hellooooo Gossip Girl. Did Michael inspire you to do that? :)
    C: If I wore an all neutral outfit like Blake did, I would look like one big pale blob...and NOT in a good way.
    D: Thanks for the blog shout out! I kinda forgot I had one. Motivation for me to make a new post!
    E: Good blog work, very impressed Molls! You should be a writer!

  2. A. Thanks! (I think?)
    B. Hah! Yes that was obviously all Michael's idea.
    C. No you wouldn't! Don't you have some sort of a tan right now?
    D. Follow me!!! Thank you :)