Friday, May 11, 2012

Travel :: My Trip in Pictures

So I mentioned before I was having phone and camera issues.  Thankfully my phone decided to start working a day into my trip.  Yes, I still have a blackberry so my pictures aren't amazing but it's all I could I get so enjoy... my very one sided trip to NY!  From the Piers, to my hotel, and a couple stops for dinner. Hopefully my next trip to NY is much more fun filled.... I will see what I can do!

Yes, we went all the way from Dallas to New York and went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  The girls from L.A. though swore by this place and it was just a few blocks from where we were working.  I have to agree, although it's no Manny's or Mico the chilaquiles were something to write home about.  Sounds like we will be frequenting this spot on other trips.

The biggest coffee cup I could find all week.... sad.

A pink coat with real rabbit fur for Holiday... I died and went to coat heaven.

Blazer with sequin sleeves... you will see me in this from October - next February.

Just because we work in fashion doesn't mean all we want for lunch is lettuce.  After eating the catered salad we were all extremely cranky by about 3:30pm so we went in search of real food... mmmm... much better.

Floral silk top, leather leggings, peep toe booties...

My favorite Owl buddy goes with me almost everywhere... Does she creep you out? Good...

Next time I will venture out and get better pictures until then... Have a wonderful fun filled, relaxing weekend!!



  1. love the hot dog picture. way to go.
    next time you are in NY, I hope we can meet up! With lots and lots of wine, and dancing in caves with moves like Jagger.

  2. Love the line - but you're right, that cup is sad!