Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shopping Obsession :: Esther

I fell in love tonight. Now before you go accusing me of falling in love too fast... I don't usually but I couldn't help myself this time. I am head over heels in love with an Australian online boutique... {scared you mom and dad didn't I?}.  I was just going to pre-order this dress:

It doesn't come until September but I think it would be the PERFECT Fall dress for Dallas since it's 100 degrees until Thanksgiving. The website is called Esther and it came about after this adorable girl opened a boutique, won an award, and couldn't keep up with demand because she was stalking her store with the most beautiful clothes at great prices... rough life.  So, I added this lady to my cart and then found:

So I had to add this top to my cart too... I mean... It literally gives me the butterflies!! I am so happy I found this top I may not eat the rest of the week in anticipation of it.

I also found a few other things... I mean it's $200 (AUD) and you get free world wide shipping. Why wouldn't I do that? It's like $50 for shipping otherwise... {Ok it was only $15 but come on.}

Whoops and this one...

Ok so I haven't hit the pay now button but I am going to. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything...

I also did a little stalking and everyone who works at this company is annoyingly ridiculously beautiful which makes me want to be them which makes me want to buy it. Ugh, what an annoying cycle.


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  1. What are the chances you can introduce me to that model?