Monday, July 30, 2012

Dress Obsessed :: Dorothy Perkins

I recently stumbled upon the most adorable and affordable website EVER. I'm not sure exactly how I've never heard of this online retailer before, but they also have 600 UK locations... which blew my mind even further.  No US locations although I might buy enough for them to open a store right down the street from me... you're welcome Uptown Dallas.  Here are some of my favorite dresses that will be hitting my closet as soon as they can deliver them to me. Check out the whole website but the girly dresses are by far my biggest weakness on this sight.

I want that one to wear to my birthday party this year! {or to wear to my friends bachelorette party which is what I am doing the weekend of my birthday... seems fitting for either right?}

They also have a million different great accessories at amazing prices too! That will have to be saved for a whole different post... and paycheck.

I am sorry to say I only took about 5 pictures on my current vacation to Colorado so there will most likely not be a post. Maybe next time I will do better!


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