Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Festive Polish :: Happy 4th!

I have a problem.  I like to paint my nails 5 minutes before I leave my apartment, it will never change.  This morning I decided I need festive nail polish for drinks with the girls tonight, so I took off my bright pink and replaced it with the first coat of this.  Then, I went home for lunch and 5 minutes before leaving I did the 2nd coat and the gold flakes. Some say I have a problem, however I think I have a gift.  I can get my keys out of my bag, lock my door, start my car and get my work badge out of my bag for work with JUST painted nails... talent, that's what I have, a talent folks.

So I'm also not great at painting my nails and with as often as I do it you'd think I'd be a professional.  Well I have it all over my fingers for the first 24 hours but it always flecks off, but since there's no fleck off time here's the picture anyway... {leave your judgement on the side...}

So I used these... {OPI Malanga Wine & OPI Russian Navy. With Glitter Nail Lacquer from American Apparel in Meteor Shower} to get this...

Like I said, ignore the paint around the edges.  It comes off in like 2 - 3 hours!

Happy 4th of July!!



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