Monday, July 9, 2012

Obsessing Over :: Madeline Chadwick

I am in the market for a new bag.  I know exactly what I want, the problem is my bank account can't afford it.  Browsing online tonight I think I finally found the next one...

Madeline Chadwick :: Steel Blue Lucy :: $175

Madeline Chadwick :: Canary Yellow Lucy Bag :: $175

I'm leaning toward the Steel Blue with the pink stitching.  I think this would be the perfect complement to ALL of my outfits.



  1. Hey Molly!! I was just browsing around google and came across your blog and saw you featured my bags- so cool! Anywho I am having a sale right now if you are at all interested! You can visit my Etsy Shop to check it out- I have this Steel blue Lucy going for $125 currently. Have a good evening :-)

    Madeline Chadwick Handbags

  2. Hi Maddie!

    I am still obsessing over your bags... thank you for letting me know about the sale! Now I have to decide between Rose Gold, Steel Blue, Watermelon, or Sand?

    So glad you stumbled on my blog last! :)

  3. I know! I am still working hard to get my name out there so anytime I see that someone has featured my bags I try to make a connection :) Out of the colors you said, I think I would go with the Sand.. It is sooo pretty and versatile. It is the type of color you can wear with a super funky outfit or with a beautiful dress to a spring or summer wedding. Hope to hear from you soon :)