Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Southern Hippie :: Saturday Shopping Day

If you are in Dallas on Saturday afternoon I have the PERFECT shopping idea for you. I unfortunately {and fortunately} will be at the Lake of the Ozarks with my pledge class acting like a Sophomore again.  However what I would be doing if I were in town would be going to the cutest airstream you've ever seen straight from Austin that will be set up on Greenville Ave right outside of Siegel's between 2 - 6pm.  It's called Southern Hippie and it's stocked full of the cutest dud's you've ever seen to look exactly like what the name suggests. Not to mention the fact that the owner Elizabeth is one of the cutest, sweetest girls I've met you basically have NO reason not to be there.  

If you can't be there check out her Facebook page.  I'm not joking when I say she has the best line up in her store.  Show Me Your MuMu, Line & Dot, LNA, Vanessa Mooney, Rory Beca... the list goes on but one thing I'm sure of, you will want to buy all of it.

With so many cool lines you will walk out of the incredibly cool airstream looking a million times cooler then you did when you walked in! It's so cool I said cool 3 times in one sentence and then twice in the next one... Have I made my point?

Stop by on Saturday and check it out! Buy some Show Me Your MuMu shorts and dresses for me while you're at it!


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