Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beauty Obsession :: Chanel

I went with my sister the other day to Neiman Marcus to get some shoes for a big Christmas party this Saturday night.  After we found the perfect nude heel for her gold sequin dress we headed to the makeup counters.  She basically gave the lady at the Chanel counter free reign since she has not really bought real makeup for while.  So she started from the beginning.  Everything went well but once my sister told her the dress was gold she used something that finally, with it's tiny little stroke made such a big difference!

She swiped this magic gold eyeliner just on the inside corners of the eyes and it instantly brightened her eyes and made them look just a bit more dramatic. She literally got the last one of these at Neiman Marcus in Northpark so if you're a Dallasite try somewhere else, maybe downtown or just buy online to avoid the stress of running all over town to find it. still has some! If $32 was in my budget for a gold eyeliner I would have already bought it! I will just have to borrow hers for the party Saturday night instead.

Is anyone else as excited for the weekend as I am?!


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