Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shoe Obsession

I have put myself on a spending lock down. Not freeze, because the word freeze doesn't scare me. Lock down, seems way more serious.  When you do what I do you have amazing things in front of you all day that are screaming to be bought. So I spend way more then I should on clothes, shoes, jeans {yes whole separate category}, bags, etc etc.  So when I see something and drift into "well that price isn't bad..." I immediately snap back and move on to something else. The WORST thing right now is shoes.

ALL I WANNA DO IS BUY SHOES!!!!  It's so hard not to, but I've done it so far.  So just in case you felt like you wanted to buy me something, I'm a 6 1/2 or 7 and here are the shoes I can't stop looking at...

Zara :: $99 :: AMAZINGNESS
I look at them every night when I get home from work and have somehow talked myself into not driving to the Galleria to see if I can try them on. I have thought of 95 outfits to wear with these. They are my shoe heaven... Amazing in every single way possible. I. Die. For. These. Shoes.


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  1. Great looking, great color, great fit. The jacket is great quality and the leather is so soft. is so great. I alo want to get some mens leather jackets, hope they won't disappoint me.