Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoe obsession... JCrew

JCrew as I have mentioned is close to my end all be all {as in I could wear JCrew every single day and I'd be a happy camper}.  They have cute cute little flats but I've never been crazy about the heels.  I like my heels high and statement making.  They used to be mostly small heel for the working girl {like office worker... not like the movie} which is not my thing.  Again, even in an office I like my 4inch heels.  Well... while browsing Northpark for finishing touches to mine and Southern Boys Halloween costumes {hopeful post to follow!! You will NEVER guess what I am going to be... just kidding... it's so obvious my sister said "You haven't been that before?"} ANYWAY I ran into JCrew and.... fell... in.... love...

They are SO cute! Of course if I could I would make the heel an inch higher but I'd probably wear theses everyday.  they are AMAZING!  They remind me of these Louis Vuitton's I died over Fall 2010....

They aren't quite as faint worthy as the Louis but they are pretty major.

While I'm at it I had to share these glittery loafers {yes... GLITTERY LOAFERS!} from JCrew as well... {sigh...}

I apologize YET again for the lack of posts.... ugh... hopefully I will get better soon!!


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