Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Magical Dream Closet :: Sigh...

Alright folks.  I am ready for my first DREAM CLOSET post.  Yes I said first... this is probably going to be a pretty normal post.

I have been dreaming of a closet that would let me spread out probably my whole life.  There is a VERY specific view in my head... I wish I could find something similar but I've never seen one quite like it, even in pictures.  This is more than a closet, this is an extension of my room. 

I want it to basically be a large room with the walls full of storage {mostly racks for clothes for also some built in dresser drawers as well}.  Then a large center island with drawers, cabinets etc for jewelry, sunglasses, etc.  This is a perfect shoe wall!

This is slightly more realistic actually but I for sure want a seating area.  In the island I also want a mini fridge and a wine fridge for beverages to get ready.  Also (maybe on another wall) a sink with a really badass coffee maker.

I love the idea of placing things in a decorative way.

I could fill this...

Also want a vanity area with a really pretty mirror {I bet you could of guessed but there will be pink and white peonies EVERYWHERE in this closet}.  I also want a chaise lounge with a throw blanket draped over the top when dressing just becomes too much... {hah}

Do I have to say anything? This would be PERFECT.

I do like this idea too.. maybe you could fit more racks of clothes if they were like this.

LOVE the idea of framing bags from high end stores to use as art work!! I will be copying this as soon as I have a real closet to work with.

I hope you're as inspired as I am now to dress like Rachel Zoe tomorrow morning! {watching the new episode as we speak... oh to have her life}.


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  1. I love the framed high-end bags! I knew I was saving those for something! Thanks for the inspiration!